Middle Class Married Couples Stumble Upon Secrets that Transform and Keep their marriages Alive!

Yours truly & the Love of my life! There are many just like you and us that have saved their marriages using real relationship strategies.

You are one of those couples.

Because you are here with the earnest desire to make it work. Good for you! The Time is Right for you to Act Now to save your marriage, But…

First, you need to know what Keep Marriage Alive is not About!
Throw out everything you have been told about “relating to your mate” and saving your marriage. When those haters tell you that you should just give up on the marriage they are basing that on the relationship strategies that fail-pure and simple.

This is a place of encouragement, empowerment, and wise counsel. You are an awesome hero! I mean that. Only heroes pick up broken pieces of what once was and fight to make something better than it had ever been before. I deeply respect you for that.

You are the fighter that gets knocked down, and stands back up to win the next round!

But, if you are here looking for ways to manipulate and control your spouse to get them back in your arms this is not the place to spend another minute. Don’t waist your time here. Look, up and to the left is the back button.

Perhaps you are the victim… of a spouse that is deliberately doing things to ruin your relationship, including lying, trying to live the single life again, and/or cheating on you. If there are any other other destructive addictions that require treatment, then perhaps an intervention is needed. Getting tough on this behavior with intervention, prayer, and  not allowing it in your marriage if they will not follow the path to healing and recover is the only thing left.

True. This advice is not the easiest to hear. The best advice is to love them, but not be an enabler of their betrayal of you and the marriage if they will not own up to their hurtful actions, and end the betrayal immediately.

If they are actively betraying you and will not stop and make things right, then make it known that the marriage is dead, unless they chose to stick to their vowels to you. Leave it at that.  The relationship must be identified for what it is, not what you hope it can be. In that situation, this is the time to cut off communication with them, for you and your family. This is tough love.

However, If your goal is to save your marriage by manipulating them through psychological tricks so you can get the upper hand, then results may happen. Those results will only last for a little while. Life requires true relationships built of trust in order for a relationship to survive and become better than ever.

Everything else leaves your marriage behind as a topsy-turvy mess.

Marriages survive when both partners do what is best for the other, but it has got to start with someone–why not let it be you?

Do you follow?

Welcome To Keep Marriage Alive

Where you can get back the devotion, love, respect, and connection of your marriage through real relationship building strategies that we have learned from our Christian faith in Jesus Christ for all Christ centered relationships.

Work together with your differences. Men think like a simple filing cabinet. We have a category for each situation and way of handling a problem. Problem “A” will be solved with solution “A.” Women have a topographical map for their way of thinking that involves the highs and lows of how each minute detail felt to her and her solution is based on feeling it through and knowing that she is validated in each of those feeling–only then can she accept a solution. Husbands can use their wives as a navigator to help them learn her map by heart so she can give him the respect he so deeply desires.

Join us on a journey toward real transformation and real reconciliation.

The Story

My wife and I are both devoted Christians and see this site as an outpouring of the wisdom we have learned from the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ. We are dedicated to helping married couples – and couples planning on getting married – attain joy and happiness from their marriages.

We believe that marriages do not just naturally progress into stability over time, but that it takes a couple working together to solve problems. This creates stability and prevents divorce. We are dedicated to helping married couples to have the proper knowledge necessary to attain that joy and happiness from their marriages. Also, we devote this site to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

My wife and I have a strong desire to share the keys that unlock your ability to strengthen and save your marriage! We have used these principles in our own marriage and have experienced amazing success.

Through those principles we brought our own marriage from the brink of divorce back to having all of the love and satisfaction we could hope for, one day at a time!

Our greatest joy is found in sharing the keys to happiness we experience in our own marriage. And, it is our mission to help others regain that passion in their own marriages.

My Personal Message To You

I’d like to share with you a little of my personal story:

My marriage to my wonderful, caring wife has taught me to honor her above every other person in my life. I am happy to say that our marriage is steadily thriving instead of dying. We have faced many hardships and joys common to most modern American families.

In these past 8 years, we have had many ups and downs. We have enjoyed financial independence and have suffered through financial disaster. Also, we have had many family joys and have suffered the tragedy of losing a child prematurely. Now we are learning the ups and downs of raising four children, all of whom are under the age of six.

Over a year ago our marriage faced its biggest challenge ever. I spent all of my time working on a new business and that took so much away from the time and devotion that were due to my wife and kids. I needed to come to my senses and put my family first. Through a lot of prayer, hard work, prioritizing, and the love of my wonderful wife we were able to thrive together. Now we have more of a clear understanding of the importance of giving loving emotional support and attention to each other.

Needless to say, I got to work immediately in an effort to save my marriage. I searched for the right resources to help me regain her trust and the products that I discovered and implemented in my strategy were the “know how” that I used to rebuild my marriage. Now, our marriage is stronger than ever and not having time together is a thing of the past. These principles continue to be a solid rock that keeps our marriage strong, day by day.

I promise to share with you everything I learned along the way and am still learning today…

- James Hess

A Message to Hurting Married Couples

If your relationship with your spouse is at an all-time-low, I want to help you reconnect emotionally and relation-ally with each other…

If your marriage is suffering from dissatisfaction, daily turmoil, or just sheer boredom and is in danger of ending in divorce I want to offer you tips, resources, and places to turn to get your relationship back on track.

You and your spouse have to find a common ground together to make the marriage work. Use this site and the recommended resources to make amends and start rebuilding your marriage today.