From an Unhappy Marriage to THIS kind Of A Meaningful Marriage

Differences to Joy

What happened to those happy married people you once were with your mate? What happened to the once happy marriage the both of you shared?

Many couples start out as loving, caring, fully romantically involved marriage partners who stand tall and walk proudly together. They are full of hopes, dreams and excitement for each new day.

So, didn’t you set your sights on reaching the top of the mountain together for your marriage? Do you have to end it all or is there a way to bring function, excitement, harmony and happiness back into your ailing and failing marriage? The answers are that your happy marriage became a real testing marriage and there is hope to regain and dramatically improve your marriage to become very happy and satisfying. All it takes is willingness to make changes to build trust and understanding. It takes learning how to cope with problems together. Appreciate and help each other to reach the fullest possible potential of each others happiness together. If you have to do it alone then do it and get to action implementing the new ideas and techniques for happy times to be here again for your marriage.
Relationship Changes

Get with your spouse and make sure that you see steady progress in these and other aspects of the mood and feel of your marriage. Work towards the positive, happy relationship changes that will kick start your marital happiness, romance and constructive passions to form a more perfect “mountain top” union for your marriage.

Save My Marriage Today

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Save My Marriage

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Intimacy in Marriage

Intimacy in Marriage / Have an Intimate Marriage Now!

Many couples cite a lack of “intimacy” in their marriage as a reason for being unhappy. For guys, “intimacy” is physical. For women, it is almost always emotional. Let’s face it -true intimacy in marriage is both physical and emotional. You have to connect with your partner on every level if you expect your marriage […]

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The hardest Affair to deal with is the Emotional Affair You are here because you are hurting or you are fed up or both because you feel that your spouse is having an emotional affair with someone or something besides you.  Emotions are complicated and hard to understand things. You cannot reach into the heart […]

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Intimate Marriage – The Shocking 3 Secrets of World Class Lovers

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Many couples feel stuck in dry marriages. My wife, Sarah and I help many such people find healing and intimacy again in the forum: Sarah and I work together to take what we have learned in our own marriage to help other couples who are in marriage troubles. That’s us!   Often we hear: […]

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