5 “Tell All” Signs Of An Affair – How to Get Peace of Mind Again!

Suspect Cheating Spouse

Is your spouse Cheating on you? There are some things your husband or wife are doing that just don’t seem right to you. Now more than ever there are new and sneakier ways for men and women to cheat on their spouses. Your spouse’s  unusual behavior could be signs of an affair or signs of […]

Save Your Christian Marriage

The light and love of Jesus can reach into any heart -- and can save marriages

Divorce in the church is now a by-word.  One startling trend is the fact that Christians are following the trends for marital instability and divorce at the same rate and at times a higher rate than that of the rest of the world.  Therefore, it has become a  phenomena. If you are a Christian who […]

Marriage Problems

Differences to Joy

Identify and handle the matter gently You are here because your marriage is facing perhaps some of the toughest times you and your spouse have ever encountered!  Do you feel that in order to keep marriage alive, something has to be done about the marriage problems that seem to be attacking your marriage?  If those […]