How to Build a 50-50 Marriage

50-50 marriage

Mutual Love is Possible! Fixing conflict between you and your spouse can be difficult. But with work and commitment it is possible to have a “50-50 marriage“! Somehow the disagreements have caused more and more hurt and misunderstanding than simple disagreements should create in what used to be your happy marriage. I can relate, because […]

How To Talk To Your Wife

Get Back Together

It could Go Something Like This For the guys who are sticking there neck out and doing everything in their power to “Man Up” and take control of their marriage here is an exclusive list of points of discussion you could use while talking to your wife.  So, this is a possible reference for you […]

Counseling To End Marriage Dysfunction

This article deals with the uneasy subject of marriage and family dysfunction.  Dysfunction that can hide within the four walls of the supposed safety of the home.  Marriage and family dysfunction can take many forms, alcoholism and/or drug abuse, enabling the alcoholic and/or drug addicted member of the family, spouse abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse, […]