1 Way to Better Love My Wife as Christ Loved the Church

The Lost Art of Emotional Intelligence Take a moment to watch this X-Factor video. Can you feel the pain in this woman’s voice? Does it take your breath away? When I first heard the pain in her voice – I took a step back to feel what she was expressing. It reminded me of even […]

How to Reassure Your Spouse that You Are Not Cheating

One simple way to show that you are becoming more thoughtful for your spouse is to try to start thinking like your spouse. Believe it or not one of the best ways to do that is through the subtle art of reassuring him or her… Because, even big positive changes in your relationship together can […]

How a Close Circle of Friends Can Help Your Marriage

“Can My Husband or Wife Love Me Again?” Sometimes the circumstances of life create many obstacles to the health of a marriage.  Making one fatal mistake with working too much, handling stress the wrong way, or handling arguments with each other with one too many hurtful words… They can make the marriage take a turn […]

Stop a Divorce: 4 Real World Steps that Can Rebuild Your Broken Marriage!


Wanna Stop your divorce… And hang on to your loved one? Many people I talk to on marriage forums ask for help because they want to make their husband or wife love and trust him or her again.  Many of these hurting people are frustrated and scared of being alone. “Should I be strong and […]