Why “Godly Appraisal Comments” Are So Important to Godly Husbands

Valentines Day in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina

I always give props to the man who uses positive praise to bring warm smiles to the face of his wife. That’s because, loving words of praise set a positive stage for an intimate marriage and encourage her to feel united.

Ephesians 5:21-33–Brothers in the Lord MUST Encourage Each Other About Marriage

Ephesians 5:21-33

Jesus works in the heart of Godly husbands to inspire her to respect him. It is better than her doing it purely on the spirit of God that is at work in her heart only. Discover how Ephesians 5:21-33 is the key!

Love and Respect: Does She Miss You When You’re At Work?

In a marriage the light of Jesus shines brightest when "1 Corinthian 13 love" and just plain ole showing respect are put to good use.

If you are a loving Christian Husband feeling the absolute dumps of being disrespected by your wife, then this may be the most important declaration you’ll hear all year that can transform your marriage: God declares that the husband is the head of his wife and must love her unconditionally–so it must be shouted from […]

Christian Marriage Counseling: You Can Get HELP from Pastors, Therapists, and Friends

Finding counselors that are just as committed to seeing you walk boldly into the sunset as you are is a MUST!

Christian Marriage Counseling does not have to be a painful experience! Here are some startling truths about a marriage in crisis, and seeking Godly counsel that few Christians talk about. Part 2 of Christian Marital Problems series by James Hess. Part 1 available here: Christian Marital Problems Ephesians makes it clear that we are united in faith in […]

“So You Want Help For Christian Marital Problems?”

"We're taking a Little Break from each other right now . . . Todd is off in the woods getting some advice right now!"

Christian Marital Problems don’t Have to End In Divorce-Part 1 by James Hess, Christian marriage writer If you want the best surefire help for marital problems, then you will seek expert help from marriage counseling. And, you can have a “back-up” as a fail-safe system too! ie. — Trusted and reliable friends who care about you and your […]