2nd Step for rebuilding love, while you win your ex back

Can you find the broken places that the two of you can fix together?

Now, you have started doing a bit of research on your ex, to get your ex back. Now you have a better grasp on who they are as a person, and why they did or didn’t do the things that your relationship needed the most.

It is important to quickly move on to the next step in rebuilding their trust again. Think of it as having everything ready so that you do not fall flat on your face when you ask them on a friendly get together to talk.

Figure out the problem spots

Figuring out the problem spots is like making a map of your past with your ex on paper. I love maps that show you where there is construction going on, or when I know where a traffic jam is so I can plan a better route.

Go back in time and figure out the problem spots that kept on tripping you and your ex up when you where still together. Since you are doing this solo — try to use what you learned from the previous step to help you see the problems from their point of view. Still, if that does not come to you easily, just use what you know from your experience.

You can create a more complete map of the problem spots you faced together when, and if this comes together with him or her. Knowing the obvious issues such as a problems in communication, loss of interest in one another, hurtful words and actions, lack of intimacy, and so on.

There is no better relationship starting place then those traffic jams to clear up the flow of relationship.


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