3 Big steps to Win your ex back… and build trust while you are at it!

Are you just not seeing eye to eye? Trust might be missing.

 Trust is the cornerstone of a happy, and healthy relationship.

Trust. The one thing that when it is lost in a relationship – the relationship goes downhill fast!

I see it all the time. A married couple has their cornerstone of trust firmly in place and then…  it easily gets knocked out and the marriage falls apart. Trust is the main ingredient for intimacy, emotional connection, honest communication, and hope for stability. It is no surprise to me that trust so easily goes down the toilet.

It’s because men and women think so differently about life. Men want to feel useful and respected, while women want to feel appreciated and loved. Men stop listening and making special efforts to win the heart of his wife, because he feels like if he can fix her and provide for her, then quality time has been fulfilled. For a woman, this is nice, but not what she needs in the core of her being.

There is a list of ingredients a wife requires in order to build trust. Simply being cared for, understood, listened too, made a priority by her honest man, and perhaps 100 other things that validate how she feels is what a wife needs.

That is why the relationship slips, and “trust gutting” behaviors slip in to the marriage. Stuff like cheating, lying, keeping secrets, and all around mistrust get a foot hold.

There are many marriage saving actions you can do that will win back the heart of your spouse. We’ll quickly discuss the action steps you can take to win your ex back, then I will share the Chuck Norris approach to regaining, instilling, and building new trust of you in your mate.

K? Alright, lets roll.

180 plan

In this plan you decide to burst their bubble and get their attention by doing a complete 180. Usually the 180 plan is for relationships that have been marked by emotional abuse, an  affair of any kind, or unbridled selfishness on their part.

This plan calls for limited contact and communication with the offending spouse. You will have reached your goal if they start to realize how much they want and miss you. You on the other hand stay positive (its important to genuinely be positive), get in shape, and live your life.

The direct approach

The marriage relationship you once had may have fallen apart. You know what the root causes of the problems that tore down the marriage are, and want to work towards fixing those things. I say, “Good for you”!

Here’s what you can do to make that happen. With as much of a positive attitude as humanly possible brainstorm some good solutions to those problems. Communicate about those problems, and show that you will work on each problem and keep on keepin-on.

Now let’s take a step back to see how you can convincingly instill trust again so that you can get past mere talk. OK. I am glad you trust me because up until recently I had no idea how to illustrate to you how to build trust again… until I wrote this related newsletter message to my subscribers. We will pick up on this note…

Chuck Norris’ kick can save marriages

I came across the story of what Chuck Norris did
in 1997 to land his wife, Gena. She’s this beautiful woman who is 28
years younger than him, and a model. And no, I do not think
she’s a gold-digger.

This is what Marriage.About.com
had to say.

“According to Chuck’s book, Against All Odds, page 196-197,
Gena and Chuck met in Dallas in 1997 while Chuck was on a
dinner date with someone else. “Gena came on the set the next
day and played a small part on the show … I invited her to
dinner that night … I wanted to get to know Gena better,
so I asked her to return to Dallas as soon as possible. She
came back a couple of weeks later, and our friendship grew
into a dating relationship. Before long I felt myself falling
head over heels in love.”

Do tough guys say, “Head over heals in love”? Does love even
make tough guys transparent to their loved ones like that?

I guess you would have to ask Chuck, but I am not willing
to challenge him on anything he says. He’s “Chuck Norris”!

OK. So what! What’s in this message that can help you…

…. The 180 plan, plan A, or plan B or anything else might
just work, but you need a 1, 2 kick to make your move and
win him or her back. That means that you have to effectively
re-convince your mate that they can trust you, and that you
will be good for them.

I will focus on the first kick of the Chuck Norris 1, 2 kick
move to win him or her back in this message.

Chuck Norris kicked his act into high gear. I am saying that
as soon as the time was right — he kicked into action!

Boldness from a husband or wife to set up a time to really
work through the problems of the marriage, and offer loving
solutions as soon as the other spouse is ready is so
important. It shows confidence and commitment all at once.

So when you see that your plan is working, kick it into
high gear like Chuck!

Next time, quick as lightning — I will tell you all about
Chuck’s 2nd kick in his 1, 2 kick that saves marriages.

Till then….

A Chuck Norris Joke!

Chuck Norris visited the virgin islands. Now there just the

LOL. J.K. That was years before he met Gena.

Conclusion and the next step…

So there is the burst their bubble approach and the direct approach to saving a marriage, and then do the fast action I council my subscribers to do. There is a part two of this Chuck Norris approach. Click here to access that message from my newsletter in its entirety: A Chuck Norris roundhouse kick that earns trust in marriages

You might think that I’m crazy about all this. Good! Please share your opinion in the comments about saving a marriage and building trust. Who knows? You might just help save a marriage that way.


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