4 Powerful Keys to Saving Your Marriage that prove you care with confidence

You can reach each other – just don’t give up!

You have come here looking for answers to the tough questions y0u have for saving your marriage. Well,  you have come to the right place. The kind of connection between a husband and a wife is the goal of “Keep Marriage Alive” for your marriage!

How is your marriage relationship with your spouse doing? It is important to ask for advice and figure out if your efforts are working or not.

Maybe, the marriage right now might seem pointless, arguments and resentment may be taking over your relationship, or the intimacy may be gone.   Both husbands and wives can take charge of the marriage problems.  Now is the best time to discover how.

Guys, Assertiveness will fulfill Your Wife’s Hidden Desires

While “saving your marriage” a take charge attitude is probably 90% of the solution to getting the marriage you started with your spouse back.  Your mate’s eyes will show you appreciation and affection. When you take control of the marriage, you are really taking command of something your mate secretly desires.  They wants you to be a “all-in” in the marriage.

Communicating with each other

It is important to discover how to get her back in your loving arms and how a wife can do the same too.  Courageously, go to your mate and first off communicate gently, yet firmly that you want the following:

  • To turn the marriage around
  • To lead the way the marriage and family needs to be lead
  • To write down the most important marriage problems and come up with solutions with her
  • To make Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time Targeted goals  to solve each problem
  • Then tell here that You want to make your MARRIAGE the Focus of both of your lives

Opportunity knocks

When the one you love is at there lowest low… you can build them up to feel their highest high. This is just one example of how to show you care when you notice they are seriously down, just gently approach them and ask,

“Can I listen to you about what is making you sad? I will just listen… no judging you today.” — Ask yourself, would this statement ‘go over well’ with your mate?

Take Quick Action

I learned that If I focus on considering my wife’s needs first that we could develop a very satisfying marriage together.

I focused as much of a positive attitude, communication, and action plan into my relationship with her.  And guess what!  It worked!  I got organized and I took charge of our relationship and she has been so relieved not to have to do it any more.

I figured out how to get her back by using initiative in many circumstances.  I got her back in my arms because I became the leader she needed in order for her to feel a strong sense of security and sense of being cherished by a “strong man.”

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