A Successful Marriage / Secrets of Inspirational Vision

Get Secrets of a Marriage Built on Visionary Leadership!

Think back to that time when he said and did all the things that made you feel like you were the most beautiful and loved woman ever!

Think back to the time when she clung closely to you and told you — that “one thing” you needed to hear to feel like an accomplished and respected man! Perhaps that secret of a successful marriage has yet to be uncovered or developed. It can be done! That type of satisfaction in a marriage is possible! Start getting that satisfaction, Today!

Here’s the secret: Marriages follow a purpose of unity that can only work if both of you are dedicated to it. It comes down to having intentionality towards bringing the two of your unique lives into unity with each other. Now you will find out the best method for accomplishing that, so stick around!

Get Handed the Amazing Key to a Visionary Marriage!

Perhaps you feel frustrated, almost like there is a “glass ceiling” holding back both of you from experiencing all of the love, enjoyment, and fulfillment of your relationship you once had and more! The key to having a happy marriage is the creation of a clear vision for a fuller and more rewarding relationship the two of you can share!

A vision of that sort is the “miraculous hammer” you need to break through the boundary of apathy in your relationship!

Here at ‘Keep Marriage Alive‘, we want you to have the kind of fix to your problems that will lead to amazing success together! We want to offer more than “Just a Quick Fix” for your most immediate marriage problem. We want you and your spouse to get the most enjoyment, passion, and fulfillment out of your marriage. We want to give you the ‘know-how’ you need to build a shared vision that both encourages and motivates the two of you to invest lovingly in each other. For instance, you could check out this related article: “50-50 Marriage.”

Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. has many ideas that can aid in your process of shared vision growth for a successful marriage. My wife and I have learned much and are happy to share more ideas as we grow in our marriage as well!

Let’s get started on this journey into discovering Your Shared Vision, together!

  • Make some time to get together to make a romantic night together. Take that time to talk together about each of your hopes and dreams. Focus on those fantasies that would work well together. This will help you create a picture of what your mutually aspired future together would look like. By setting the tone of unity and romance, while the two of you dream together, you begin laying out the road map to get to your ‘destiny’ destination. Your mutually agreed upon action steps flow out of that vision.
  • Your marriage relationship is far too vital of a relationship to leave open to collapse by-way of neglect. And, leaving your relationship to dissolve due to apathy will never incite devotion from your other half! It lessens the degree of purposeful relationship between the two of you in your relationship. It takes both of you working together — contributing all that each of you have to give in order to have and hold shared happiness!

There is no time like the present to pull down any walls between you; so you can take up the challenge of creating Your map toward a great marriage; full of happiness and joy! No matter how nice a relationship is, or how much help it needs, a shared vision can make it much, much more! Instead of leaving you in a overreacting or worse a compliant role, your vision puts both of you in charge of creating whatever future you desire — proactively together.


Here are the step-by-step actions you can put into affect in your marriage starting today that add to and compliment the up-coming product recommendation!


Shared Vision — Action Steps

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1) Having a Successful Marriage requires taking time to give serious thought concerning the relationship you have with your mate.

To what degree does your relationship involve the following. Also, what are the impressions you have for the following parts of that relationship:

  • Assuming personal accountability for open communication
  • Capacity to set aside your own experience long enough to sincerely identify with your partner’s experience
  • Capacity to esteem each other through conflicting opinions and move ahead
  • Sustain and encourage
  • Ability to listen
  • Involving significant other in decisions
  • Individual and relational development
  • Displays of affection
  • Sensual touches and sensual attention
  • Sexuality
  • Displays of admiration and approval
  • Intimacy
  • Fidelity/truthfulness
  • Excitement and romance
  • Respecting and cherishing one another
  • Positively handling frustration, aggravation, and/or hurts
  • Allowing circumstances to bring you closer together instead of driving you farther and further apart
  • Ability to ask for forgiveness, own your mistakes, or apologize
  • Ability to admit when you may have done something to hurt your spouse’s feelings (intentional or not) without acting defensive
  • Common activities, etc…

Which parts of your relationship are incredible?

Which parts could use some help? Think of them as potential “stuff” that a great marriage is made of.

Which things do YOU do (or fail to do) that contribute to any dysfunction of the relationship, any stress / troubles or unhappiness in your relationship?

Now you have your list of things that you can do to contribute to the Relationship’s Vision!

If you are with your spouse, showing your willingness to “ante-up” with your list in-hand, invite him or her to do the same thing. Best case scenario: you have just effectively inspired your spouse to “go all-in” with you! In the worst case scenario, you can show patience, while your spouse wonders what has come over you.

2) Next, if both of you are working together to make a joint-relationship vision, both of you can collaborate.Your relationship vision should have the following:

  • Short sentences that are affirmations of a healthy marriage
  • Positive Outlook (focused on happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction) for only your mutually agreed upon points
  • Written in the present tense (regardless of whether or not it is a reality now)
  • At any given time, focus on the 1st, or at most top three priority aspects of your relationship until those aspects are fully satisfying.
  • Move on to the next top issues until those are resolved, then repeat again until both of you know for sure that you have made it!

Affirmation Example:Rather than putting down “No more disruptive arguing” you might write: “Calmly we share each of our thoughts concerning the problem at hand without bickering, while fully listening to each other.”

Affirmation Example: “We make sure we understand the point of view of the other spouse before jumping in with a new one.” If you try to first understand your mate before being understood, both of you better move toward meaningful dialogue and unity!

3) Psyche yourselves up, fantasize and dream together one more time to be in the right mood to write a common vision. Create a computer document of it in a nice font, frame it if you desire; and place it in a prominent part of the house. Make sure that that prominent place affords your Marriage Relationship Vision the opportunity for both of you to see it together.
4) From that point on, EACH day, read it and DO together at least 1 action that will help you make the points on that list a reality in your relationship. Of course, you may choose to work on one action for a good week or more and then when you feel like you have set up a good pattern together, repeat this method on another action step.


Branch your efforts out into a shared life goal and then repeat!

Why stop at making your relationship perfect? Next, branch out into making a shared vision for life goals that both of you can work together to… dream about, envision together, get totally psyched about! Now, create a SMART goal based on that shared life aspiration based vision. SMART goals are: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time Indexed to have a deadline! Nothing is holding you back now that you are reaching to attain the best relationship possible.

While you work together to build a stronger relationship through daily affirmations like:

  • ” We enrich each others life”
  • “We discuss issues back and forth to have a resolution”
  • “We share a rich spiritual life”
  • “We treat each other fairly”
  • “Often, we satisfy each other through a full sex-life together”
  • “We do little things together that contribute to making the world a better place”

Use positive affirmations such as these to propel your efforts to become even closer partners through a daring and exciting adventure that both of you are exploring together.

It could be anything…,

  • A trip abroad
  • Climbing a mountain together
  • Starting a business together
  • Raising terrific-ly well-rounded kids together
  • Or, all of the above in a culminating symphony of success!

The Sky is the Limit, so make your dreams together a reality!