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At Keep Marriage Alive.com we believe that marriage is the linchpin of our civilization. Without it the wheels of civilization would spin off the proverbial axle.

My wife and I are both devoted Christians and see this site as an outpouring of the wisdom we have learned from the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ. We are dedicated to helping married couples (or are planning on getting married) attain joy and happiness from their marriages.

We believe that marriages do not just naturally progress into stability over time, but that it takes working together to solve problems that create stability and prevent divorce.

We are dedicated to helping married couples to have the proper knowledge necessary to attain that joy and happiness from their marriages. Also, we devote this site to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

My wife and have a strong desire to share the keys that unlock your ability to strengthen and save your marriage! We have used these principles in our own marriage and have experienced amazing success.

Through those principles we brought our own marriage from the brink of divorce back to having all of the love and satisfaction we could hope for, one day at a time! Sharing the keys to happiness we experience in our own marriage, and a love of sharing in the joy of helping others regain that passion in their own marriages. These are the reasons for our motivation for sharing with you the secrets of getting that spark back!

As such, we research many different helpful methods and advocate for  “Keep Marriage Alive” principles, like “Honor Based Love.” Many married couples have struggled down the road of marriage together and want to save their marriage from dissolution and heartbreak to find success in that together!

About the Authors James & Sarah Hess’ Keep Marriage Alive Success Story

James Hess and his wife have used the process of Mutually Honor Based Love and the many applications detailed in the various articles posted on the Keep Marriage Alive site on their own marriage and have had surprising success using this method. Putting each other first has built their marriage to be able to withstand many of life’s challenges. It is a daily opportunity to keep their marriage alive. James, Sarah and their four children live in Orlando, Florida where they publish their advice on their site and are active in many marriage forums. Below James has provided his personal testimony of how this method has helped him make his marriage divorce proof, healthy, and strong for the future:

James’ Bio:

James Hess, writer and developer of KeepMarriageAlive.com, is a freelance writer of the marriage relationship restoration topic. James employs many techniques and tips to inform his readers on how to successfully repair their ailing relationship and then make it stronger. The articles James writes for the KeepMarriageAlive.com site center around the topics of saving a marriage alone, restoring honor and trust between the estranged couple, and negotiation tactics based on clear understanding of each others desired outcomes. These methods may be the key to restoring the trust and love back into your marriage in crisis.

At the center of his writing on this topic are the core principles of striving to maintain ‘Honor Based Love’ and using the “rekindling of romantic passion” between the two marriage partners as a motivator to follow through with Honor Based Love techniques. First, he presents a look at the use of ‘Honor Based Love’ within the individual handling of one’s relationship with his or her spouse. This method ensures mutual fulfillment on a level that is beyond earning love and respect within the marriage relationship. This method circumvents the “give and take” principle in interpersonal relationships so that there is always a positive trust building momentum in every effort made. It is a pretext for positive marriage relationship growth and restoration.

So why focus on Honor over, psychological strategy, tricks, or “One Up” dominance methods of gaining control? Because, honor has no nasty backfire side effects. If you get a manipulative strategy even just a little wrong then you may have potentially created an inescapable backlash effect from your spouse. Really, honor pays off because it is a…

“Magic Bullet” that cuts right to the heart of your spouse or right to the heart of the matter at hand!

Respect is Great to Have! However, nothing puts an embattled relationship at ease more than not having expectations to perform to someone else’s standards in a relationship, which is part of earning respect from said significant other. When it comes to the feeling of relief that is needed in a relationship, you can FEEL the Difference between Honor given and respect earned!

When you are honored by your loved one you get the same feeling of joy and satisfaction that you get from earning respect, however when you mess up, as we all inevitably will do in close relationships, it is a real sense of security to know that the avenue of love, forgiveness, and acceptance are available to you through the sense of honor that your spouse has afforded you in the relationship!

The other central theme that under-girds the marriage restoration methods advocated by his writing are the use of the pursuit of “positive passion” building within the relationship. It is used as a pretext and motivation for making the marriage work again, when marriage partners seek to take active measures to save their marriage. Contact James at


Personal Message from James:

My marriage to my wonderful, caring wife has taught me to honor her above every other person in my life. I am happy to say that our marriage is steadily thriving instead of dying. We have faced many hardships and joys common to most modern American families. In these past 7 years, we have had many ups and downs. We have enjoyed financial independence and have suffered through financial disaster. Also, we have had many family joys and have suffered the tragedy of losing a child prematurely. Now we are learning the ups and downs of raising four children, all of whom are under the age of five.

Just a few months ago our marriage faced its biggest challenge ever. I spent all of my time working on a new business and that left my wife feeling lonely and abandoned. It got to the point where she told me that if things did not change she did not know how are marriage could survive. I needed to change my priorities and consider her needs of emotional support and attention. Needless to say, I got to work immediately in an effort to save my marriage. I searched for the right resources to help me regain her trust and the products that I discovered and implemented in my strategy were the “know how” that I used to rebuild my marriage. Now, our marriage is stronger than ever and not having time together is a thing of the past. These principles continue to be a solid rock that keeps our marriage strong, day by day.

I figure, if something as dark and sinister as the mafia can somewhat work cohesively based on a code of honor (not a code of ethics), then certainly it can do wonders to make a relatively good relationship within a marriage strong and doable! I know a little bit about this stuff because, believe it or not, I married into the extended Capone family when I married my wife! My mother in law’s family has the black sheep of Al Capone in her family! OK, I’m starting to ramble here… better I turn the focus to something more comforting!

A Message to Hurting Married Couples

If you are reading this bio because the relationship with your spouse is at an all-time-low we can help you with insights on how to reconnect emotionally and relationally with each other. As a result, if your marriage is suffering from dissatisfaction, daily turmoil and is in danger of ending in divorce we want to offer both of you tips and recommend valuable resources that can truly help. It is important to find middle ground and you and your spouse can use this site and the recommended resources together or separately to make amends and rebuild the marriage .

It is crucial to learn how to build mutual understanding between you and your spouse. This mutual understanding allows you to work out difficulties together in a beneficial manner. You can rebuild and strengthen your marriage together or through the actions of one partner, but insight and advice may make the difference between “doing the same things and getting the same results” and getting positive marriage success. That success in marriage can be due to positive changes in the way each of you deal with your marriage problems. It is our sole mission at Keep Marriage Alive to help you and your spouse discover the “Laws of Connection” between husbands and wives that bring unity through “mutual honor based love.” See the home page for more on “mutual honor based love”, click A Successful Marriage

Finally, even if just one spouse truly wants to save the marriage and the other spouse is ready to call it quits, find the advice and expert guide help to restore the marriage. This advice can help you both fall back in love again and get a new lease on the marriage that has taken you to the brink of divorce and bring it back. It is possible to have a marriage relationship between mutually valued individuals, who are very much in love with each other. You can still have the intense love and romance that kindled the romance of the marriage in the first place within a successful, thriving marriage !

Read through many of the diverse topical articles on the site, and if you have any questions contact us.