About the “5 Love Languages”

Why some marriages are happy… but most are not

Most marriages start out great, but then fizzle out… or worse, end badly!

What is the secret to keeping the love alive in a marriage?

9 years ago, when Sarah and I were engaged, and attending pre-marriage counseling – I learned the secret to winning her heart.  Jason, my counselor explained a lot about how to treat my wife, what to expect, and most importantly – to KNOW her love language.

This is the secret to keeping a marriage happy for life.

Nothing has come close to helping me reach my wife on a deep emotional level better than speaking her love language to her on a daily basis.

Doing so just clicks with her.

She gladly returns the gesture.

What is a love language?

Simply put, a love language is your loved one’s primary means of receiving love. It is the kind of love experience that your loved one is needing to have fulfilled first and foremost. The currency you can offer that will open up his or her heart to only you.

Understanding the method of giving and receiving love that she is most comfortable with will allow her to accept the love you offer her.

If she understands your love language, then she can best give love in return — the way you are most comfortable to receive it.

What are the 5 Love Languages?

And… How to know what they are in your marriage

The “5 Love Languages”
comes from author Gary Chapman:

  • Words of Affirmation
  • Quality Time
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Acts of Service
  • Physical Touch

How to determine your love language – your mate’s too!

It is important to know your love language — as well as your spouses’ love language.  Most often, your love language is completely different from your mate’s love language. If this is the case, then do not attempt to speak your love language to your spouse expecting to receive a positive response.

Rather, speak his or her love language simply because you love him or her. It shows you care. That simple fact heightens the effect of speaking that love language to him or her.

Here is a short report that lists and describes each of these Love Languages, which includes a quick quiz both of you can take on your own to figure out each of your love languages.

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How Not to speak a love language

So what is my wife’s love language?

Well, that’s none of your business!

Catch this. A key truth to successfully speaking your spouses’ love language is to keep it secret from others. Your spouse will not feel that you genuinely love them in your expression of their love language… if you flaunt it to others. Or worse yet, expose his or her vulnerability found in that love language to others.

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I hope that as you learn to apply your knowledge of your spouses’ love language to their benefit – your marriage will grow closer than ever before.