About US And Our Mission

We are on a search across the globe for Godly husbands with Godly character and a desire to sanctify and cultivate their marriage for the LORD. There are a lot of men who have Godly character and a desire for a greater marriage. Do you have a desire for your own intimacy driven-marriage success?

Do you work hard and play harder?

Do you love your wife and family, but desperately struggle with the difficulties of “being all there”  to give the best of himself to the woman he loves when his work/life balance is so exhaustingly frustrating.


Please no self-absorbed, un-devoted alpha male types who are lazy and refuse to give of himself, love his wife the way she needs most.

Only husbands who wish to love and give himself as Christ did for His church for his own wife need read further.

We are here for husbands who want the feeling of being able to breath easier, be themselves and feel admired when they come home to their wife and family. That is you because you cherish and honor your family with all your heart.


And . . . Successfully Being A Hard Worker And Loving Husband Doesn’t Have To Be Hard


First off, I respectfully understand being a hard worker and loving husband can be exhausting. “Trust me.” I can relate! What I share with you is certainly befitting those challenges that you, the professional Christian husband face, when you give all you got day in—day out, but yet, still feel cheated out of the affirmation you justly deserve.

Get hope you can count on here with this “Song of Solomon” challenge, that while easy, is not effortless. It will not take “A Lot” of effort on your part. Just enough to make instant connection when you come home if you follow these “ready-made”, and “done for you” strategies that work for me… And, many of the men I have helped. And, this is just the beginning of a journey into making your home-life success mirror your your sales professional life.

So, in this article that uncovers the truth of God’s plan for your marriage, I will reveal the Easy 1, 2, 3 steps to Divorce Proof your marriage, and have it become closer to the wonderfully manly examples found in the Bible. This “Best of the Best husband” report will provide the best marriage transforming tips and secrets that only the best of the best christian husbands will:



  1. Grasp like No Other
  2. Put into action in their marriage and,
  3. Reap the life they always wanted to share with their wives

You simply will have a hard time putting this rather long, but life-changing letter challenge down as you continue to discover helpful tips. These are tips that fit perfectly with my low cost of shipping and handling ONLY “Seven Secrets of Front Door Lovin` offer, which you will learn of more as you continue.


But, why you?


I know the average man would rather suffer through the loss of teeth, than talk seriously to their dental surgeon, because they are NOT results driven entrepreneurial spirited men such as yourself. They are driven by fear and suffer through painful decay that later requires painful and expensive surgery, than take care of business before it is time for the drill.


It is an even sadder fact still that most men think that winning the heart of their wives will turn them into hen-pecked wimps that grovel at her feet.


You are driven by faith, not by fear–so this should be a cake-walk! But first…