Why “Godly Appraisal Comments” Are So Important to Godly Husbands

Are you too busy to stop and make her feel good about all she does for you through appraisal comments?

Are you too busy to stop and make her feel good about all she does for you?

They, (Godly appraisal comments), simply make him feel respected & accomplished.

What if he were to use them to make his wife feel appreciated, special, and most importantly part of something special? – by James Hess

“Why do some men who work long hours have terrific families, while others end up with horrific alimony and child support payments instead?”

That was the question of one of my coworkers, Dave, while we talked on the phone. He had just remarried two months earlier.

His voice sorta resembled the growl of an “angry badger” when he brought up the subject of the long hours he’d been working.

He told me that his new bride had expressed something  I am sure we have all heard from our wives at one time or another,

I never see you anymore. I just don’t feel appreciated for what I do for this family when I do see you!”

“Dave” I said, “You can’t do much about the first thing. But, you can do something about the second part.”

He soon learned how to bring warm smiles to the face of his wife . . .  by praising her when he did get home.

Just like at work, a boss’ positive appraisal on a work review can secure your loyalty–doing the same for your wife will win her heart!

“Positive Praises” are important gifts he can give his wife

Take a little break before getting home (Not Happy Hour) and de-stress from your day. Then you can look the part of the happy husband by tucking in your shirt and smiling as you walk through the door.

Focus only on her. You can embrace her and make her smile! One of the best ways that you can praise her is to simply tell her that she is blessed by God. Here’s one great tip to make it all work smashingly!

On top of these very positive things give her a very important feedback phrase

That phrase is something like:

I’m very happy and surprised at how well this house and the kids are.”

Then you can follow that up with this uplifting feedback phrase:

Wow,  God has given me an amazing wife! And, I know that you can reach God’s high expectations of pure excellence. You have done a great job!”

These words are powerful, because they are more than just feedback. They’re a sincere gesture that inspires something powerful in her:

A sense of belonging. Real husband and wife connection.

Looking closer, the phrase contains several distinct signals of excellence that are the key to her heart through trust and belonging:

1)    You are part of me.

2)    We are special; we have God’s higher standards in our house.

3)    I believe we can reach those standards because we are saved by Jesus.

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