Art of Your “Close” Relationship-Selling Symmetry Product Outline of Main Points.

Art of Your “Close” Relationship-Selling Symmetry Product Outline of Main Points. To be perfected after the Webinar, but is the research for empathizing and connecting to the pain points and what to do, but not how to do it info for the webinar.


Supreme Sales Success and Wife Romance Symmetry System


The Christian Husband Discovers Synchronizing Strategies for Ephesians 5:25 Work/Life Balance Mastery AND More!


Marriage is not great niche, but teaching sales success to my target market of sales professionals with sales training that they can use to bring harmony, happiness, and relationship success to their career after they leave home in the morning, and to their marriage the minute they step foot through the front door is the key.


Marriage churns men into sales professionals motivated to succeed big!


We live in a New Economy. Power is shifted to the buyer. More competition than ever before and the buyer is now more sophisticated and savvy than ever in history. Relationship Selling is the New Model and it works for Total Life/Career Success.


Case study: : Relationship Selling Mix relationship selling with Challenger Selling when the time is right!



Funny thing is women are the same way. A wife today is the reflection of this.


A few things Never change.


As in yesteryear and the way that the sales world is now.


Closing a sale is a psychological exercise.


80% of sales takes 5 closes before a close is done using the old, simple model of sales.

But, let’s zero in on those things that are most difficult in the professional and personal life of a sales professional:

1.        “Think it Overs”…acceptable as possible future business                               2.        No Contract…no one really knows what will happen next                                3.        Objections…and can’t handle them effectively                                                    4.        Poor Closing Skills…afraid to ask for the order                                                                    5.        Likes People…may be too empathetic                                                               6.        Being Assertive…has difficulty taking control                                                   7.        Goal Setting…no clear measurable goals                                                            8.        Ineffective Cold Calls…doesn’t make them                                                                        9.        Fear of Rejection…takes it personally and lets it affect performance                     10.     Negative Prospects…can’t turn them into positive prospects                             11.     Drilled by Secretary…can’t get past the “gatekeeper”                                                          12.     Why Someone Would Buy…doesn’t understand the reasons why people buy                  13.     What Someone Would Buy…can’t diagnose people’s needs or wants              14.     No System…wings it                                                                                                          15.     No Tracking…doesn’t monitor behavior and activity                                                         16.     Wasting Time…trouble prioritizing activities                                                      17.     Poor Belief System…insecure about role of salesperson                                                         18.     Asking Questions and Getting Information…more comfortable making presentations   19.     Doesn’t Understand People…what motivates buying decision                             20.     Getting Referrals…passes up the best opportunity to increase business              21.     Selling Cycle Too Long…can’t get clients/customers to make decisions             22.     Making Bids and Proposals…with no clear understanding of what happens next          23.     Inconsistency…fails to employ a consistent approach to selling situations                         24.     Lack of Direction…needs a goals program and a way to track progress              25.     Has Need for Approval…self-esteem maybe on the low side                              26.     Prospects Lying…accepts everything the prospect says without question                           27.     Getting to the Decision Maker…comfortable dealing on a less threatening level             28.     Discussing Money …waits for it to become an objection                                     29.     Bailing Out…takes the road of least resistance                                                    30.     Unsolved Sales Problems…fails to get the real issues                                                       31.     Lack of Commitment…coasting, won’t accept responsibility                             32.     Continues to Chase Poor Prospects                                                                   33.     Roller Coaster Activity….up and down results                                                     34.     Having Fun…                                                                                                     – See more at:




Before you close on any sale there are 2 psychological antecedents and 1 one important set of 7 questions that must be answered before a sales’ presentation should be made.


  1. Enthusiasm – A sale is what takes place when enthusiasm is transferred to the mind of the prospect to cause them to buy. Constrained Enthusiasm – boiling inside Ralph Waldo Emerson – Nothing great was ever accomplished with out great success enthusiasm. Dynamic tension of enthusiasm.
  2. Confident expectation of the sale, believing the product will do what it promises to do, that connects with a relational foundation of trust/trustworthiness. They know their customer, and they know their product. They expect that the sale will take place.
  3. Brian Tracy – 24 Techniques for Closing the Sale:
  4. Brian Tracy – The New Model of Selling:
  5. Become a Sales Superstar by BRIAN TRACY AUDIOBOO: : Great material for the webinar.
  6. Secrets of closing the sales by ZIG ZIGLAR AUDIOBOOK:
  15. Qualify the prospect. Ask what they want.
    1. Does the prospect Need it?
    2. Can the prospect use it?
    3. Can the prospect afford it?
    4. Does the prospect want it?
    5. Does the prospect represent a real market/niche
    6. Is the prospect passionate about it?
    7. Will the sale produce a transformation in the life or business of the prospect? Both?

Then you can begin closing.


Presentation, then closing the moment buyers remorse in advance. The fear of failure, fear of making a mistake, paying too much, criticized by others, then they want to back off. They give you excuses


We have a fear of being rejected. When you get to the end of the presentation. Get through that tense moment. Not to manipulate. Get people passed that moment of tension-selfish manipulation.


Be prepared to hear a no and persist. They are not saying no to you, but a whole package of problems going through there head.

Techniques to get people past the pressure.


Getting appointments. Rejected and turned down over the phone over and over.


The first thing you say to the prospect has to break tension,


Call and ask secretary: decision maker name and position.


Hi, Mr. Prospect. 1st thing out of my mouth Breaks preoccupation, grabs attention and points to the value and benefit of the product.


(Talk to the problem/pain in their head. Relevant and based on need). How would you like to see a system/method that will increase your sales and productivity ……. by … 20 or 30%.


They say, “what is it?”


Close. Sell the 10 minute presentation, not the product. What does it cost. How much is it. That is exactly what I want to talk to you about. If it is not exactly what you are looking for than it doesn’t cost a thing.


Good prospects hard to get to. Busy. Can you tell me something about it. Yes. But I need to show it to you.


You know how the mail is. I will bring it personally to you. Will you be there.


You be the judge. You decide if it is what you need and want. If you just give me 10 minutes , slipped in. Don’t do the insurance trick.


Sometime this afternoon. Call back to set up an apptmt. Do not be put off. Avoid. This may be a very good prospect. All I need is 10 minutes. It is too involved to get into it with you.


All I need is 10 minutes.



Approach close. At the beginning of the sales presentation resistence is up. We have to overcome it at the beginning. I am not going to try to sell it to you now. I will show you why 1000′s of people have bought it with an open mind. And you tell me if this is right for you.


At the end they can’t say well I will think it over.


You promised to give me your answer one way or another. And from what you said it seems this is right for your situation.


is this good for your need situation?


Then do the close.






Demonstration close. At beginning, get clear statement if they are in a place to buy.


If I can show you the best investment of you have ever seen, what is it? If I could show you this are you in a position to buy 5K. 3K. Ok.


Are you in a position to buy. Yes, got the money. Yes, the authority. Are you in the market to buy?






The hot button close. 80% rests on 20% of the features and benefit, desires. Question skillfully. Freaudian slip. Telling is not selling. Ask question. What do they need. What are they looking for. The key benefit. Until they find it they will not make the buying decision. Until they hear the key benefit they will not make a decision.


Appeal to the visceral emotional needs, pains, desires, pleasure.


Focus on the hot button. The view of that beautiful flowering cherry tree. Listen to the hot button and form the sale around that.




Trial, (check) close. Ask throughout the presentation to find out how they are doing, or check how far along they are . What do you think of this so far. Does this make sense to you? Is this what you are looking for? Is this what you had in mind? Is this an improvement on what you are doing right now?


The prospect can answer yes or no and it doesn’t derail the sale. You can then focus on what they said and give it to them. Is this the sort of layout you are looking for? No. How about this layout until you get the right one.


Is this the color you are looking for? Yes. Good. Let’s look at the same kind of colors over here to pin-point exactly what you want.


Fork in the road. Is this what you like or this what you like? On the road to the close. At beginning, middle, and end thrughout to build a picture of what the prospect wants.





Power of suggestion close. Enthusiasm is contagious. Decisiveness is contagious. Positive feelings are contagious. Boy, you are really gonna enjoy how this car handles on the road. My brother’s got this car and he has a great time. You are gonna enjoy this…. it is one of the best. Assume they bought it and then tell this a story about how they will enjoy it.





Encyclopedia sales. Ask Yes questions. Prosepect’s buying temp goes up 3 degrees.


Hello, do you live here? No just visiting end. Yes. We are doing a survey on higher education? Yes. May I show you? Yes. Design a sales presentation on one page. Each question requires they agree, yes. The questions get more product specific and


Invitational close:


Invite them to why don’t you give the car a try? Do you like the house? Why don’t you take it. Make an offer. Is this exactly what you had in mind?




All in the context of relationship selling, relationship marketing, relationship intimacy.


It can take up to 5 encounters.



Price objection close: The price is not the determinant factor unless commodity. Hey how much is it, well it is X amount. If selling a complex product, not car or house. Everything costs more than they think it should. What they can afford yes. What they want.


Is price your only concern. No, well then we will get to that later. Never argue over price. Price is what they have to give up for the good benefit. Don’t talk about what they have to do until after you show them what they will get for the money, benefits.


Sales people make the big deal about the price.


Just suppose close. Just suppose that price is not an object. Then you give them so much benefit that they are sold before the price is said.


The Benjamin Franklin Close… Let’s talk about everything that is Great or even Good about us, our life, and what we got going on. What are some things we can do to make things better?