Best of the Best Christian Husband Challenge

An Exclusive Letter Challenge. You, My Next Best of the Best Christian husband: The Few, The Godly, & the Worthy who deserve the admiration of their wife and Success in their business:

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Hi firstname_fix,

If you want your marriage incredibly transformed to rival the magnitude and success of “The Song of Solomon”, then you have to call on God for wisdom. Meet Him with your whole heart with this challenge, and my low cost “Seven Secrets of Front Door Lovin` offer.” And, you won’t even have to cut hours bringing home hard-earned sales commissions in order to achieve that marriage harmony, and satisfaction you deserve!

Phil 4:13; “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me”–Even

Juggling Work/Life Success

Godly success as 2nd Corinthians 3 puts is based not on your own sufficiency, but on Christ’s… who “strengthens you.” Now here is the rub, as a husband you want to succeed in providing the very best to your family with God’s strengthening. So, if all of your energy goes into closing contracts and earning commissions…

If you are exhausted at the end of the day and limited on how you can put the energy into understanding her needs, and loving her the way God commands, then you must fall in line with 1 Peter 3:7

“. . . ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honor unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered.”



Fun Success Is Well Balanced Success!


Embark on the “divorce-proof challenge”– to Inspire her to put the “FUN” back into your

Fun-damental Christian Marriage” with you starting today!


My promise is that I’m not going to try to sell you anything now. But I am interested to ask you;


“How would you like to see the quality of commitment given to you by your wife rise to all-new heights of joy and happiness together–all while stopping marriage conflict dead in its tracks, which tear down successful transfer of enthusiasm to your prospective home buyers—the essential ingredient for sales success? How much better would that be if you didn’t have to sacrifice the time you need to put in at work to continue to be a success driven dutiful provider?”


You can be the judge! All I need is just 27 minutes of your “facebook time” to show you how to get these success based results that build you up to be her visionary leader–And you can decide for yourself.


Being A Hard Worker And Loving Husband Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

First off, I respectfully understand being a hard worker and loving husband can be exhausting. “Trust me.” I can relate! What I share with you is certainly befitting those challenges that you, the professional Christian husband face, when you give all you got day in—day out, but yet, still feel cheated out of the affirmation you justly deserve.


Get hope you can count on here with this “Song of Solomon” challenge, that while easy, is not effortless. It will not take “A Lot” of effort on your part. Just enough to make instant connection when you come home if you follow these “ready-made”, and “done for you” strategies that work for me… And, many of the men I have helped. And, this is just the beginning of a journey into making your home-life success mirror your your sales professional life.


So, in this Complimentary Confidential letter to you that uncovers the truth of God’s plan for your marriage in the form of a report, I will reveal the Easy 1, 2, 3 steps to Divorce Proof your marriage, and have it become closer to the wonderfully manly examples found in the Bible. This “Best of the Best husband” report will provide the best marriage transforming tips and secrets that only the best of the best christian husbands will:


  1. Grasp like No Other
  2. Put into action in their marriage and,
  3. Reap the life they always wanted to share with their wives

You simply will have a hard time putting this rather long, but life-changing letter challenge down as you continue to discover helpful tips. These are tips that fit perfectly with my low cost of shipping and handling ONLY “Seven Secrets of Front Door Lovin` offer, which you will learn of more as you continue.


But, why you?


I know the average man would rather suffer through the loss of teeth, than talk seriously to their dental surgeon, because they are NOT results driven entrepreneurial spirited men such as yourself. They are driven by fear and suffer through painful decay that later requires painful and expensive surgery, than take care of business before it is time for the drill.


It is an even sadder fact still that most men think that winning the heart of their wives will turn them into hen-pecked wimps that grovel at her feet.


You are driven by faith, not by fear–so this should be a cake-walk! But first…


Let Me Introduce Myself


Hi. My name is James Hess. I’m a 34 year old Christian writer for (the place where the Happiest Years of your marriage are there for the making), and marriage team mentor for the Orlando Vineyard Christian Church: “The Vine”–And, I almost suffered the deeply bitter pain of divorce! ~Almost!~ I have made Big mistakes, but my wife and I have grown together through them. We work together to help marriages, because we have learned too much not to share. It’s in our blood now!


And, I have a history working to help Real Estate Brokers in their efforts to close contracts on REO listings. I used to work for an Asset Preservation Company. I was placed on site at OCWEN Financial Corporation coordinating the asset preservation for OCWEN asset manager’s REO properties… properties that were listed by Real Estate Brokers. Though I wasn’t permitted to call any brokers for help in my job, they availed themselves of my assistance in many of their needs and concerns.


Many Real Estate Brokers sought my help due to my access to the OCWEN asset manager’s a mere 10 feet away from my cubicle on site. The best thing that I have done for frustrated and over-stressed Real Estate Brokers was to stop and really listen to them. I soon learned to understand their needs for conveyance remediation issues to be fixed so they could strengthen the marketability of their listings they were attempting to close. Sometimes, they would call me on the day of closing in order to get an issue in the contract fixed IMMEDIATELY! The soon learned I was their go to man for help.


Let me be upfront with you about this challenge for rivaling “The Song of Solomon.” Even though I am not a licensed marriage therapist, or Real Estate Broker myself I have a success principle that you wont hear from other Real Estate Brokers mired in the this is the only way to win box. I hope this can be a life transforming and real challenge that requires you taking action. I am not offering any theory, or mere suggestions. This is not just advice. I am turning to the authority of the Bible, God’s Revealed Truth. I like to consider the BIBLE “Basic-Instructions-Before-Leaving-Earth!”


I cannot and will not offer magic pills, or get marriage or sales success quick schemes doomed to backfire! And, if you do too much of these suggestions too quickly without including your wife in this whole process, then she might think something is up. She might think that you are covering for being up to no good, even if you already are a great husband.


Keep this next point in mind, because this is about meeting her needs, which brings the promise of your needs being met as well—This is a main piece of the puzzle that when put together reveals the whole picture of my low cost Seven Secrets for Front Door Lovin` offer.


Your Loving Wife Wants, Needs, And Deserves SPECIAL ATTENTION Daily


Maybe she wants this special attention more often than you think to give it to her. Remember, women are different than we are… And, your wife will feel loved from highly focused, and timely (but not necessarily time-consuming) intentional care from you.


Take a moment to stop and ask yourself this question, “Am I dangerously too busy to do the following truly critical acts of emotional connection with my loving wife?


The correct answer to that question is easy, it’s fast, it’ll change your life forever. If she can feel loved, then she will have the motivation and reason to respect you with greater enthusiasm the minute you come home from work.


My Story And Those Promised Critical Acts That Save Marriages


Just like you. I’m super busy all the time. If you are anything like me you are motivated to provide for your family like crazy! I know, I know, you are motivated to provide for your family, challenge yourself to reach greater heights of success and happiness. You plot your course day in, and day out, while keeping Jesus 1st and foremost. But, a lot of family matters suffer as a result. Am I right?


I once devastatingly wrecked my car from the sheer exhaustion, failing to notice a school zone sign as I dozed-off at the wheel… suffice to be said, it wasn’t pretty. Don’t worry, I didn’t hit any children! Just the rear-end of a Ford Bronco.


You are pre-occupied with work. Aggravated with the brick-wall treatment that financial institutions place on you through the ever growing number of REO and short-sale listings that force you to jump through hoops. These near impossible to “work-with” deed holders expect you to run like crazy showing the properties, drawing contracts, and setting up financing—all while they hold out on negotiations with the seemingly tyrannical manipulation tactics to get the best price… for them.


Does this make sense, while many deed holding financial corporations are unwilling to pay the standard fees and include stipulations in sales contracts that require you, the broker to accept a reduced fee? I can assure you the asset managers want to move the homes off their balance sheets, but work on restrictions of cost all their own. My upcoming product made for Christian husbands who are Real Estate Brokers will teach negotiation, and closing tactics that can be applied to sales contracts and to building Godly intimacy in your marriage. To be sure, there is a connection between the quality of harmony success in the home and sales success of this stripe. I have many such dynamic concepts on the synergy and symmetry of marriage success that spills invariably over into dynamic sales success.

Of Course, Christian Men Are Very Hard Workers — And, “Gee” We Think That “Ought” To Be Enough. But It’s Not.


Tired! Who has time or the energy to even think about “romantic leadership”? (Up to half of all marriages end in divorce, and the number-one reason given by divorcing women – “he just didn’t pay enough attention to me anymore.”)


God overwhelmingly hates divorce! (Malachi 2:16) But, that doesn’t stop the onslaught of divorce


I love God and His ways of wisdom for us too! I know that you feel that divorce is off the table! And, it should be. However, I have seen too many families split apart. The major crisis that swings the hammer to fall (from within) is due to the onslaught of drifting apart as “One Flesh.” This was Jesus’ command, and warning in Matthew 19:4-6.


Because divorce is so serious a matter, this letter is that much more important!


…But, There Is Seemingly A Catch 22 Of Both Providing, While Being “ALL IN” As A Husband


I say “seemingly” due to the fact that God can heal a marriage, in which both are willing to work through the problems, and put forth the effort for healing the damage.





So, why do I have a picture of a Bible with wedding rings in it? Because your marriage needs to feel as worthy, dependable, and Godly as God’s word.


On page 9 you will discover the Communication strategy for creating that worthy and dependable status that will extend to your marriage as a whole.


Be “All In”? Who Has The Energy? It Doesn’t Have To Take That Much To Make A Big Difference For Her


But, I see you are kinda clenching your fists and gritting your teeth just a smidge about the whole “be ALL IN” stuff I’m talking about here.


You say a little angrily, “Hey Buddy. You might have that kind of energy left over at the end of the day

to be “ALL IN”… But, I don’t have that kind of energy.”


Truth be told. Nobody does. You are not alone. For right now, just have faith that it doesn’t take a giant coast-to-coast leap of faith to win her heart everyday! But, here’s a hint: you have to do just a bit more than stay awake to connect with her on a deeply emotional level. We’ll get to that soon enough when we get to the Seven Secrets for Front Door Lovin` offer on page 11 of this report.


God’s Word Is His Revealed TRUTH!

And… since God has preserved His word, He can certainly preserve and sustain your Godly marriage. God meets you half way.


But, “what does that mean?”


God meeting you half way means this:


If you are willing to do whatever it takes (even though it may be easier than at first thought) to be the man of God your wife needs… A man who is both a provider–AND who is “All In” as a husband, then He will give you these wife melting qualities in spades:


1. A blazing fire of dedication in your heart

2. Visionary Leadership that truly inspires, and…

3. A sensitive skill that connects with her deepest needs and desires


And so begins my story with these startling words of desperation from my wife that devastatingly Echo in my mind


“If something doesn’t change soon, James, I don’t know how we’re gonna stop our marriage from ending in divorce.”


My story reveals the Secrets of:


1. Communication

2. Validation, And…

3. Commitment


Those 3 things are really “Comprehensive Collision Insurance” that Restore a marriage and Stop it from being totaled by the judge.


A Marriage Crisis Can Strike When You Least Expect It; My Story


The story I am about to share with you is the reason why I have a passion for seeing good christian men like you win big by both balancing your work/family life, and succeed in both! When that happens, your wife will be the happiest woman on the block. A happy wife that is nurtured right will wrap her arms around you to bring joy to your life in every way imaginable. I like win, wins, don’t you?


For me, it all started by facing that grim admission of my wife… when the possibility of divorce hit me like a ton of lead bricks. My life has never been the same since!


It was a chilled November in our Florida home just a mere hour or two before we would see the first light of the sun shine through our window. Trust me, here in Florida when it feels really, really cold–It’s not due to the ambient temperature. Sarah, my wife finally came out and said the “D” word for the 1st, and well, last time of our roller coaster marriage.


I struggled with all my might to lift my crushed soul. My face was wincing from the blow she dealt.


I looked up.


Two feet between us felt like ten.


This wasn’t poker, but it felt like she put all her cards down on the table. It was my turn and I “pony-uped” and admitted that I was wrong.


However, I wasn’t unprepared to answer her wisely. When I was in the US Army my room mate, “Specialist Chance” (He was “One” of my most interesting room mates) who was studying to be Military Police taught me how to approach a potentially explosive situation through what is called the “strip-phrase” technique.


As a side bar, I will have to tell you more about Specialist Chance some other time. He was the only soldier that every one called by his rank, Specialist, AND first name—instead of his last name. But, that will have to wait for now.


OK. Back to why I wasn’t unprepared.


I knew that true leaders never back down, and never surrender to defeat…


But… for 10 seconds that really felt more like a slow eternity I felt the regret I never thought I would experience… having lost my beautiful bride.


The old saying was now a reality I had to face:

You don’t know what you got… till you lose it.”


For that seemingly endless moment in time I had lost her. I needed to snap back into action, and do whatever was necessary to win her back, for GOOD this time!


You should have heard me. I said in a very calming tone of voice–palms facing her as a sign of truce to simmer down any tension,


“So, let me see if I understand what you are saying to me here.”


I took a deep breath, gathered up the facts. I knew enough to confirm with her, the reasons she had been treating me with cold indifference, and turning down my advances. I fessed up to my zonked unmindful failure to recognize there really was a problem at all. That is why she had to spell it out in no uncertain terms.


I was that busy in my life. I had not made the most of my time while not working, because my mind was always at work, instead of being fully present with her and the kids.


Anyways, I relayed back to her what she informed me concerning her feelings. I repeated back to her what those feeling were that she felt, which led her to believe that I didn’t care anymore. I assured her that I would start:


1. Paying more attention to her needs

2. Spending more “Quality” time with the family (she understood that I was busy a lot)

3. Make her more important than the new business I was starting that took up all my time.


I fessed up, and validated her feelings of being replaced by my new business. I found a trusted marriage saving resource on the inter-webs (as I am fond to call it), but that is best left for another time. Time to focus on the action I took to save my marriage.


I made the needed changes immediately — the biggest of which was partnering with her to reset my business hours to ensure that she and I had enough quality time together. I knew that successful marriages are investments in each other.


I was now making the most of my time while not working, my mind wasn’t always at work anymore. I started to be fully present with she and the kids. That was good!


The Imperfect Model Of Winning The Heart Of Your Wife


Was I completely in control of the situation?


Yes, and a Big No. I was open to asking her for help. I asked her for suggestions as a trusted partner and adviser to making our marriage work. We were managing the imperfect marriage of chaos, and order… as imperfect partners who are still learning to accept each other.


Thank God, that night my wife was faithful, loving, and patient. She still is that bedrock of faithfulness!


Now my marriage is the most devoted, fun, and spiritually rewarding it has ever been.


The Point Of My Story: Women Are Emotional Creatures

A busy husband should expect her to be swept away by overwhelming despair that leads to the threat of divorce.


If both you and your wife are feeling similar tension between each other…


If your wife is shrinking in quiet, lonely desperation like mine was….


If you are too busy to really put it all together, and really relate to how she is feeling…

Then this is the single most important message you will read, and take massive corrective action on…..


Christian Sales Professional Husbands Have The Skills To Rival “The Song of Solomon”


Integrity, honesty, and “Stick-To-It-ness” are some of the best qualities that a husband can have. Those things happen in many careers. Yet, the greatest single dimension of great men is “willingness” that is wrapped in “true-grit.” Of all chosen careers out there today, tried and true salesmen hands-down have ALL these qualities in spades.


I don’t even give stereotypes of sales professionals a single thought. I have seen more willing men and women put themselves on the line day in and day out to share quality products and services they passionately believe in with the others. I have been there and have learned much while an art gallery curator and salesman for “COMMA-Gallery” in Orlando Florida.Sales people are unsung heroes that help better people’s lives and persist through all sorts of “smoke-screens” and objections to better people’s lives. Sometimes the lives they effect are transformed forever in a way the recipient never imagined possible. It is the beauty of our still free society.


It is because you have the heart to apply your self through knowledge, heart, skills, and sheer will of determination stemming from the bedrock foundation of Christ Jesus in your heart that makes it clear to me that you have what it takes to meet the challenge to rival the “Song of Solomon.”


The key to triumph through the challenge to rival the “Song of Solomon” is tied to your experience in learning that to best influence others… it’s not even about pushing emotional hot-buttons. It is about building a relationship of trust. The kind of relationship that makes helping others feel important, listened to, and appreciated. Those link in the sales process stops objections to “good-hearted” persuasion that joins prospects with just what they need to make their world successful. Your success flows from this practice. Sales and transactions are the result!


That quality you have is why I chose to mail this letter to you. And, it is why I am so sure that you have got the right-stuff to daily win the heart of your wife, and have a true work/life balance that brings real success to your life as well!


The Divorce Proofing Journey

This is a journey you can take in order to become the worthy and dependable man your wife needs. Life, like marriage is a journey. You and your wife will have your ups and your downs. Soon after hearing the shock of my life from my distraught wife, the Big “D” word, we started taking mini-vacations to family friendly New Smyrna beach.


We made romantic and loving day trips with the kids, but we needed alone time. It was a whole lotta good mixed with a little bit of the not-so-good for our marriage.


We were working towards divorce never being something that is on the table.


Life will never be perfect, but the beauty of a strong marriage is that we triumph together with:


1. Communication
2. Validation, and
3. Commitment


There is ONE MISTAKE that’s so common and so Damaging that I had to single it out just to make sure that…

  1. You are not doing this without knowing
  2. How to avoid it if you’re on the verge of doing this
  3. How to correct it if you are already doing this


The taking her for granted mistake most all married men make


This mistake is none other than thinking “Yep, I bagged her. All that work dating her sure payed off! Now I am entitled to some me time as soon as I walk in that door every day.”


The big mistake is thinking that you no longer have to win her heart. I’m talking every single day!


If you put into action for yourself all these 7 cementing strategies, then you will have the keys to divorce proofing your marriage and win her heart. But, you have to be intentional about the way you think, and act towards your wife first.


Remember, when I gave you that hint about doing “just a bit more than stay awake to connect with her on a deeply emotional level.”


There are so many times that you can ask your wife, “How you your feeling?” in an attempt to communicate, validate, and cling to your commitment together.


Love will grow more and more in your marriage if before you come back home, you merely stop to take a quick breather–then come on home to be “All In” for her.


But, you may not think that you are taking her for granted in the slightest, but please let me ask you a question.


Sometime after the honeymoon, did you find some new aspiration to to pursue with all your might, like a promotion at work, a new business venture, a new thrilling sport, buying that Skye boat…. for some, the list goes on.


If that is the case, as is common with most married men, and I am not immune, or innocent of this, then guess how that made your ‘beloved bride’ feel.


You guessed it!


Well, back then my wife felt replaced. She felt taken for granted. She wanted more then anything to connect emotionally. At that point, it didn’t matter to her how much dough I could bring home. And, this is common to many wives.


Set A Course For Rediscovery Of Your Wife As A Way To Have A Renewed Marriage


Let me ask you another important question. How did you treat her, and carry yourself when you were making her notice you for the first time?


How much did you lavish her with attention, affection, and loving words when you won her heart? — How about when you asked her to marry you? — How about during the honeymoon phase of your marriage?


4. Look at her in an all new way again


Wives respond with incredible affection for their husbands when they are desired by their husbands. It works the other way around too. But, she has a deep psychological need to feel that her beauty — as a woman — has transformative power over you. What I mean is that she wants to transform you from the natural man you are into what I call a “super sweeper.”

I mean, she wants to charm you into a romantic feeling that will sweep her off her feet, and by extension help her to feel safe, secure, and pursued for her beauty.


Romance novels deliver this need to women and do it to a tee — why shouldn’t you do the same? Start sweeping her off her feet by doing this well!


Next time your wife is doing something when she is not trying to be noticed by you… Something as simple and un-glamorous as cooking at her stove in the kitchen, let her catch you “looking” her over. Men want their wives to look good for them. She needs the encouragement in order to try again. Start admiring her amazing beauty again even if she doesn’t have make-up on.


This will tip her off that you enjoy and appreciate her beauty. As a result, she will begin looking good for you regularly! The name of the game is building her anticipation. More on that to come soon.


5. Listen deeply–But, with your eyes too


You will be able to work wonders with this psychology in the way you look into her eyes, while listening and talking to her. This need… the need to have her beauty appreciated by you that makes you look deeply into her eyes is powerful stuff! — And that brings me to my next point.


Listen. I submit to your consideration that women engage in relationship through deeply connected face-to-face communication. There, we are back to the first C, communication. It has to involve intently listening and sharing feelings with each other.


She feels like she gets to expressly commune with someone else when that person lets down barriers that protect against rejection. Yep. This involves being vulnerable. Trusting her enough to share as much as you are comfortable.


When It Comes To Communication: You Have The Easy Part


If you are looking her deeply in her eyes, showing that you acknowledge and validate what she is sharing. There’s that big “V” again, validation. You will validate what she is saying easily through your eye contact.


Head nodding, and saying stuff like, “Oh, I get it….”






Or, simply saying, “I understand. I know that is tough…!” it really is important to her.


If you can simply listen to her, hold judgment, and any impatience, then she will feel validated and loved.


Remember that “Strip-phrase” technique I used when I handled my wife’s desperate plea to save our marriage from falling to pieces? This would be a great opportunity to practice it on your wife. It works!


If you lead in this, I bet she will start to trust you enough to:

  1. Respect you all the more
  2. Affirm your worth to her a lot more
  3. Encourage and support you so that work isn’t the only place you load up on it — Heck, she will encourage you in your ability to be romantic
  4. She will be warmly intimate more

You want her to know and respond with affirmation the fact that you love her. This is the holy grail of making that begin to happen. If you can listen to her, hold judgment, and stop trying to “fix her”, then just 20 minutes of this a day could lead into more minutes of having some real fun.


This is an investment my friend.


6. Engage, Engage, Engage!!!


We men have a strong fight or flight reflex. We either “dig-in-to-win” as I put it, or we retreat to our man-cave so no one gets hurt. We tend to level our opponent through brute force and dogged persistence to prove our point. It stems from a fear of being disrespected. We know that later we will regret hurting those we love, and so we resort to the plan “B” — the flight mode. It sends us straight to our dens for some peace and quiet. But, it offers no resolution to what ever it was we were fighting with our wife about.


So, let’s try plan “C” instead!


A better way to handle this is, again, to use that “strip-phrase” method. You’ll use this to come to resolution and understanding, in order to diffuse conflict. Also, you can use it to resolve any bitter resentments your wife may harbor against you that result from plan A and plan B.


This is the key to connection since–let’s face it–on average your wife is more dynamic and complex in how she feels and thinks about issues. The old adage is true, “Seek first to understand, then be understood.”


Getting this wrong leads to many cold and lonely nights and disrespect from wives. Get it right and you can expect to have a Rock’n marriage!


Communication, Validation, and Commitment are the most important ways to unlock the secrets of reaching your wife on an ‘Earth Shatteringly’ Emotional level that few men understand. Along with praying together, for each other… These are the first simple things that can make a big difference. Your leadership, initiative, and boldness need to be paired well with a skill of sensitivity to your wife’s emotional needs that you can only hope to understand through communication.


I say, “Nil desperandum… Across the desert lies the promised land.”


7. A romantic setting can’t be set up everyday — Or can it?


A ‘Code Red’ in your marriage could be bad, and on the other hand it could be very good. We have laid the groundwork for diffusing any conflict that might tear down a marriage in order to get to the good meaning of “Code Red” in your marriage. And, she does want special attention more often than you think to give it to her.


I know that as men we can get insecure about love and our prominence in the mind of our wife, but we let the cares of professional life get in the way of making that connection. Don’t be a victim of that mess. You can take that desire to achieve great things that compels you to work hard providing for your family. You can use the fact that your manhood is inseparably tied to taking sincere pride in overcoming adversity, and achieving your goals.


You have before you an incredibly rewarding goal every time you step foot through the front door after work. If you rely on the off-chance special occasion to establish your romantic getaways only, then you may not answer that question I posed at the beginning of this journey into becoming a visionary leader… And, stopping any possibility of divorce wrecking all that you worked to build.

“How would you like to see your quality of enjoyment and commitment with your wife rise to all-new heights of joy and happiness together?

She believes in you as her leader, provider, and protector.

But, how much better would that be if you didn’t have to sacrifice the time you need to put in at work to continue to be the dutiful provider and more?”


Take a moment to stop and ask yourself this question, “Am I dangerously too busy to do the following truly critical acts of emotional connection with my loving wife?

We have seen that the correct answers to that question are easy, they’re fast, and they’ll change your life forever. If she can feel loved, then she will have the motivation and reason to respect you with greater enthusiasm.

So if you want to discover how to end trouble meeting you at the front door when you get home from work…


If you want to stop the problem of not making the most of your time while not working… If you want to learn strategies to help your mind leave work behind, while being fully present with your wife and kids so that you can get all the value from the gift of God that is your wife, then you are ready to take what I uncovered her in this letter to the next level of divorce-proofing your marriage.


Imagine having all of her appreciation, affirmation, devotion, and desire! Those benefits are strewn through out my free Seven Secrets for Front Door Lovin` CD. They can be yours free, except for the small amount of shipping and handling necessary to get it into your hands so you can begin your journey into work/life balance success.


The Seven Secrets for Front Door Lovin` are the beginning steps I used to restore my marriage. They came together for me through careful thought and prayer each day before I stepped out of my car to step foot through the front door each work night. The results I created through these principles and methods have forged a legacy that I am still building. I want to make those family matters of life that are priceless all that more certain for your life today and forever.


The Seven Secrets for Front Door Lovin` produce incremental success that builds strongly on the success you achieve each new day in your relationship with your wife… That secures a future in which the benefits live on far past that day Jesus calls you home. I am talking about benefits you can feel secure in today that will live on forever in the hearts of children, your children’s children and onward. The sense of personal pride you can secure for yourself now is measured in memories made and remembered with loving tears from those you love most. This is only the beginning of the journey I offer to you now.


And to prove that I’m legit, you can listen to the full 48 minutes of “Seven Secrets to Front Door Lovin` interview” at the link here:



But, if you only have time to listen to it in your car, then this is the surest route to transforming your marriage into one that would rival “The Song of Solomon.” It is something success guru Brian Tracy (one of my professional mentors in the area of success through his materials) advocates in his “Increasing Your Income 1000% Formula” as the number 5 success principle. I only listen to uplifting and instructional media in my car, and can tell you it is worth it to get the free CD for just the small amount of shipping and handling. There is no obligation, and you will begin the journey of a lifetime with your wife all over again.


Every new day presents a new opportunity you have to make the right actions that match the problems facing your marriage. You always have opportunities to take charge of marital issues. But, a good wife can slip through our fingers when we do not make the time to connect and talk.


Don’t make the mistake I nearly made. Sad, but true… A seemingly “held-together” marriage can die in her heart far quicker and earlier than the time in which divorce papers are drawn — the entire divorce industry relies heavily on that fact of life.


Pray hard and meet God half-way.




James Hess



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One Tip on “How to get your wife to want you” that picks up where this letter and special report leave off:





























2nd sequence: the conspiracy to destroy the father and family.



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All so you can make your counter-assault on the forces that erode families in our day and age! Something tells me you can read the writing on the wall, 


And, you won’t shoot yourself in the foot sacrificing self-respect at some marriage therapist’s office to have the most intimate, devotion filled marriage possible.


In order to transform your marriage the way God intended; it all comes down to the way you lead.



From the beginning. I continue to tell people, the vast majority of the men I talk to don’t do anything. It is a virtual certainty that if you live as the vast majority of people do, then you will have little to nothing to show for the years of your marriage? I know better of you. You want to be like the Few… The Proud, the Ephesians 5 husbands that are the best of the best! It takes a little bit of courage and a small commitment to daily improving.


If you follow these 7 strategies for “Song of Solomon” marriage success, then you will begin your journey of living the abundant life. Gaining relationship momentum as I call it, one slight edge improvement per day. The Japanese call it “Kaizen.” Jesus calls it let your “I do” be your “I do.” That is what you agreed to at the alter. Jesus talked about keeping your promises and letting your yes be yes, and your no be no.





But, while living in understanding of my wife I had to suck it in, and start looking for a house for our family. We have been renting for a long time. 


Then the house that we are renting month to month, while we would look for a house, was reclaimed by the owner so we did not have enough time to really buy that house we wanted. 


So, now we are on a short term lease to buy time to find that perfect house. 


The jerking trauma of moving on short notice, and not having the time we needed to find the house that will suite us for the right price dragged us down. 


I know that my wife is really upset by this (look up 1 Peter 3:7 on living in understanding with out wife). 


To focus more on one-on-one romance together, I have found some friends that live close to us that are willing to watch the kids as a means to bless us. And, their teenage daughter can watch the kids for a fair price. 


Now she feels comforted, while we wait for that perfect house she has in her heart to be found.



However, watch out for a possible link between Crushed Intimacy in a marriage, and Divorce. A killer combo that sabotages these efforts


In the National Sex Survey 51% of married men said that they were “sexually dissatisfied in their sex-life.” That begs the question when divorce rates match that statistic… is there a connection between the two?



A mere coincidence? I think NOT!