When is the best time to stop the “180 plan marriage” and rebuild it better than ever?

Are you ready to make that 1st move toward getting back together again?

Tom Petty once said, “The waiting is the hardest part.”

Maybe ole` Tom was right about that. Maybe, the reason why waiting to end a 180 plan is tough is because we wonder, “When am I supposed to make my big move”? In some ways the changes that you are making in your life that are positive should never end. Such as being more confident, being in the best shape of your life, and refusing to be part of a toxic relationship.

The thing that should come to an end if a 180 plan is to be effective is the ‘communication black-out.’ I am all for a 180 plan being for the growth and therapy of an individual. However, the overall purpose of the 180 plan is to make a spouse start to respect and want to work on the relationship again. Right?

Look for “Consistent” signals

So the 180 has begun to make your mate start to see you as someone they want to be with when circumstances have you around each other. Use these unavoidable meetings to your advantage, but don’t show off or move too soon.

Wait until he or she starts to become intrigued by you again. If you are  relieving stress through better health and exercise… And, becoming the “calm, cool, collected you” that occasionally turns a few heads, then you should still wait for one more signal from your ex.

If he or she is starting to text you, call you, or even sends you a personal letter… look for signs of consistency in their efforts to reconnect. All too often the 180 plan is abandoned too soon because a spouse sends a few signals they are interested in a relationship again. You can’t afford to play into their hand if they are really trying to scam you, string you along, or to “butter you up” should they really be seeking a divorce from you.

Only when he or she consistently treats you with the respect you are now earning, and is clearly not jerking you around should you try to end the “180 plan marriage” and rebuild it better than ever.

The Big Reveal

The ‘big reveal’ is done at this time. It is when you casually get in touch with your ex. At this time, see if he or she would like to meet up.

You want to ensure to them that this is just to catch up a bit. Make sure you come off as easy going.  The kiss of death would be giving them the impression that you are desperate, and only sitting down to patch things up.
You do not want to frighten your ex away by being too pushy.

Your objective is to simply spend time with him or her. You want to give him or her an opportunity to really see how you have grown as a person.
If you are warm-hearted and friendly, then your ex will have the opportunity to see what they have missed in your time apart. This might just be the thing both of you needed in order to both want to reconcile.

If you follow the prior steps, and pull off your “Big Reveal” with confidence, then your ex might take that next step with you — hand in hand!

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