These 3 Marriage Intimacy Adventure Ideas Are Almost Too Easy

"You know you want to have a romantic adventure" -- So what are you waiting for?

A team project, the right kind of vacation, and making a life-goal adventure together. . . It is always an "appropo" time to try something fun and exciting for your marriage--as long as it fits both partners tastes and interests.  by James … [Continue reading]

Thoughts on love for my bride

Thoughts on love

Love is mysterious. There is a death and rebirth that follows it everywhere if love will be able to build intimacy in a marriage. I'm Not referring to reincarnation, or the phoenix myth. Jesus makes it clear that if you want to live, you have to die. … [Continue reading]

Five Languages of Love For Marriage–Why some marriages are happy… but most are not

Five Languages of Love in Action

You won't have to learn French to speak these "Five Languages of Love"!  How should a loving husband express his emotions to his wife? A wife needs ALL her emotional needs to be met. She needs you to share how you feel about God's … [Continue reading]

Anger Management Techniques: One Costly (and noneffective) Way, & the Loving Way

Anger Management Techniques

"Give the people what they want!" . . . goes the marketing maxim of our day. When it comes to "anger management techniques" and marriage issues there is a gulf between what people want and what they need. by James Hess There are many anger … [Continue reading]

Romans 5:3-5! For those times when Life hands you a live grenade

Romans 5: 3-5 grenade

The wonderful thing about this relationship we can have with Jesus is . . . He can be like a father that is teaching us how to be just like Him through difficulties. And, He can keep life's crisis' from destroying our lives "Romans 5:3-5" … [Continue reading]