Total Success: When One Man’s Deathbed Confession Turns “Bitter Sweet”

Total success speed

When exhaustion and frustration start hitting this soon in the new year--try grabbing this Godly perspective for total success! by James Hess A few evenings ago my family was at a special world missions worship celebration. The announcement the … [Continue reading]

Family Leadership That Leads To A Passionate Destination!

Family Leadership

Family Leadership will Inspire Her to Make the Marriage Stronger With You! by James Hess I learned a lot about leadership during my 4 years in the US ARMY. I used to work closely with, S.F.C. Montez, my platoon Sergeant. He was an … [Continue reading]

Victory in Jesus: Not just for our lives and our families

Victory in Jesus is Trusting Him to bring us out of darkness into the light

"Does Victory in Jesus come when you doubt His Power or Goodness?" I discovered a way to pray for Success for  your life and family that is in tune with God's Kingdom. Victory in Jesus is the result. It would be a sin to keep you in the dark … [Continue reading]

Make the Most of Your Time On Earth With Your Family This New Year

Time is a misty river--don't get swept downstream in the fog!

"Discover your "why" and "how" to Make the Most of Your Time On Earth . . . now and forever By James Hess Every new year it is impossible to not reflect on the past year. All the ups and downs Joys and disappointments, And . . … [Continue reading]

Why “Godly Appraisal Comments” Are So Important to Godly Husbands

Positive Appraisal Comments deserve Hats Off to Warm Smiles

They, (Godly appraisal comments), simply make him feel respected & accomplished. What if he were to use them to make his wife feel appreciated, special, and most importantly part of something special? -- by James Hess "Why do some men … [Continue reading]