Christian Marriage Counseling: You Can Get HELP from Pastors, Therapists, and Friends

Finding counselors that are just as committed to seeing you walk boldly into the sunset as you are is a MUST!

Christian Marriage Counseling does not have to be a painful experience! Here are some startling truths about a marriage in crisis, and seeking Godly counsel that few Christians talk about. Part 2 of Christian Marital Problems series by James … [Continue reading]

“So You Want Help For Christian Marital Problems?”

"We're taking a Little Break from each other right now . . . Todd is off in the woods getting some advice right now!"

Christian Marital Problems don't Have to End In Divorce-Part 1 by James Hess, Christian marriage writer If you want the best surefire help for marital problems, then you will seek expert help from marriage counseling. And, you can have a … [Continue reading]

A Thanksgiving Story: The Day My Life Changed In An Instant–3 Times


Have You Heard My BEST Thanksgiving Story? When I share this story with others I usually start out by saying; We were young and dumb then . . . We had faith enough to fill the Grand Canyon. . .  a couple times over. The kind of faith that … [Continue reading]

Husband And Wife Relationship: Listen To Her To Stay Off The Couch

"Oh!" She says. "I didn't know if you were listening or not." Prove You Care About Her By Simply Listening.

In a Husband and Wife Relationship Say it best, By Saying Nothing At All Is it better to say the right things in a relationship or to not say the wrong things in a relationship? Sometimes it is best not to say anything at all! In this latest blog … [Continue reading]

Bored Housewives Don’t Stay That Way When He Can Connect Instantly

Is her excitement to see you more mind-blowing now than during your honeymoon year?

Turning the "bored housewives" fact of life into reason for passion and intimacy. A man who connects with his wife the moment he is home will win his wife's affection... if he has the skills of Instantly Connecting with Her. This is perfectly … [Continue reading]