Husband And Wife Relationship: Listen To Her To Stay Off The Couch

"Oh!" She says. "I didn't know if you were listening or not." Prove You Care About Her By Simply Listening.

In a Husband and Wife Relationship Say it best, By Saying Nothing At All Is it better to say the right things in a relationship or to not say the wrong things in a relationship? Sometimes it is best not to say anything at all! In this latest blog … [Continue reading]

Bored Housewives Don’t Stay That Way When He Can Connect Instantly

Is her excitement to see you more mind-blowing now than during your honeymoon year?

Turning the "bored housewives" fact of life into reason for passion and intimacy. A man who connects with his wife the moment he is home will win his wife's affection... if he has the skills of Instantly Connecting with Her. This is perfectly … [Continue reading]

A Lonely Wife Needs THESE 3 kinds of Godly Attention

Desperate for His time and connection, Cindy turns to her old 80's phone fetish ringing up an $800 phone bill, whilst talking to her lonely friends!

Getting Home from Work Everyday is a 24th Reunion with Your Wife. . . 24 hours that is! A lonely wife will feel trapped, unable to breath, and anxious for relief from loneliness in any assortment of desperate pleas for attention from her tired … [Continue reading]

Marriage Conflict–3 Super Easy Ways to STOP It


  ... By Living in Understanding With Her. We've all been there- thought that we just knew what our spouse was saying to us, and then reacted in misunderstanding. The result: Unwanted Marriage Conflict. Let me share ways I have learned to … [Continue reading]

Could a new ‘Love drug’ help save your marriage?

Back from the office, 2 hours late for the 5th time this week and she is not having it anymore.

A new 'Love Drug' study has been released that reveals some rather interesting results for a new drug set to hit the market soon for helping stop relationship conflict. The interesting thing is that these results show that this new drug can promote … [Continue reading]