Romantic ideas for her: The Beacon calling her back into your arms

Got Romance?

I am a firm believer that romance (the way a wife thinks of it, coupled with the way a husband thinks of it) is the beacon that beckons you and your wife to come closer, and share each other together. More than just romantic ideas for her Sure. … [Continue reading]

How you can benefit from one couple’s fight against time

Dreams do come true... for some couples that dream is short-lived due to the onset of cancer or some other tragedy.

For some reason earlier this week my chest started to really hurt. Is this some kind of sign that I am not healthy? Could my life be cut short? My grandfather died of an embolism when he was in his early forties... could the same happen to me? I have … [Continue reading]

A fighting attitude that saves marriages

Do you fight each other or... do you fight together against the pressures of life that tear marriages apart?

You're gonna learn about one couple that I REALLY admire, because they have a certain something that is "Spot On" for what I am gonna talk about here. And it is this: Attitude is the "X-Factor" of marriage reconciliation My 7th grade science … [Continue reading]

Live your marriage dreams… even for just one day

My family's and marriage's dream to live on beautiful land came true a few years back. Just one memory of it sealed in this family photo.

So, I do not have a big marriage saving idea and helpful strategy to share with you today. Instead, I decided to share just a quick idea that you could use to boost the intimate connection you have with your mate... and possibly improve your family … [Continue reading]

What is “relationship game theory”

"Am I gonna play with his head again? -- Let me think about it for a second."

I remember that old game show: "The Dating Game", or even that outrageous game show:  "The Newlywed Game." Of course, today there are about a million and one "Love Connection" reality shows about finding that perfect Bachelor or Baccalaureate...  … [Continue reading]