Bored Housewives Don’t Stay That Way When He Can Connect Instantly

Turning the “bored housewives” fact of life into reason for passion and intimacy.

Is her excitement to see you more mind-blowing now than during your honeymoon year? Or has Bored Housewives Syndrome Set In?

Is her excitement to see you more mind-blowing now than during your honeymoon year?

A man who connects with his wife the moment he is home will win his wife’s affection… if he has the skills of Instantly Connecting with Her. This is perfectly illustrated in a short story of a man I know. He saved his marriage and his career, while handling a tragedy in the family–all because he managed priorities as soon as each priority took place in his day. He turned his bored housewife into a welcoming, happy, and appreciative wife. You can do the same thing–she’ll be waiting to wrap her arms around you–excited to see you

Then I will give you a two-step technique for gauging if and when your wife is ready to be kissed. I call it the “Honey, I’m Home Kiss Test.”

A Wife Needs You The Moment You Step Foot Through the Front Door

My friend Joe saved his marriage because he made his wife a priority as soon as he got home from work. In my newsletter we all know him as Joe the Spanish professor. A  few years back he traveled to Peru, and when he came back from his adventure… he brought back with him a beautiful Zumba dancing Peruvian bride who everybody likes the instant they meet her.

Some tragic circumstances hit them as soon as their honeymoon was over. My newsletter goes into this more, and I really want to stay on topic; so back to the point. This tragic situation and all the demands he had as a Spanish professor caused his culture shocked and homesick wife to begin to despair. She was lonely.

Wise Actions Prove Love and Save Marriages

Joe realized his wife had become one of the many bored housewives on the block. Being as smart as he was, he realized that those women would suck his new bride in the moment they could sink their gossiping tallons into her.

His wife is an amazing, loving wife–And, she’s a joy to be around, but he was smart enough to step up to the plate and be there for her whenever he could.

Any smart man who is worth his salt starts to get the notion that something is not quite right when he gets home from work. If you are starting to get that notion, then you have to act fast to stem the tide of boredom and desperation that lead to all sorts of messes that are better prevented than stopped cold. It is always harder to stop a divorce, than to prevent the disaster of divorce from taking over.

Joe loves teaching college students how to rrrroll their rrrrr’s and impress people when ordering Spanish food, but I wouldn’t call him a work-a-holic…

Work-a-holism, not such a bad thing if done right!

Sadly, most men are too busy to notice her aching heart.

It’s not a sin to work hard. Indeed most loving “work-a-holic” husbands are not consciously choosing work over their wife.  In fact many of them deeply love their wives and would do anything for them… hence the long hours earning good pay to provide for her needs.

After-all The problem sets in when a busy professional thinks that this “ought to be enough” to satisfy her.

Nope.  She would affirm and appreciate him from her heart if she felt prized and loved when he came home.

Quality Trumps Quantity… When it Comes to Marriage

You are a man of quality and will make all this work in both yours and your wife’s favor.

My friend Joe, the Spanish Professor kept his marriage strong because as soon as he got home he would comfort her and listen to her share her heart with him. Quality trumps quantity!

The Single Best practical tip on KNOWING if she is in the mood when you get home

You know that your marriage with your wife “Ought” to be close and intimate — That’s the way it should be.

  • Step 1: So, the way you can best know when she is ready for intimacy is to simply make eye contact, and then charm it up a bit with a fun little smirk directed right at her. This smirk speaks volumes about your desire for getting involved in intimacy foreplay. 

You are setting the stage. 

You are telling her with subtlety that you are interested in her.

  •  Step 2: If she smiles back, and takes your queue she will close the gap between you and she. She is in the right frame of mind to begin intimacy with you. 

Then you have a nice “A-Hah” moment

It means that she has a positive view-point of you in her mind. Her feelings are wound tightly around your advances, and not raging in hormonal grouchiness for whatever you may have not done for her lately.

If she looks away, or does not return the gesture, then you can simply ask her.

“How are you doing… how are you feeling right now? I want to know so I can be here for you.”

When the time is right repeat step 1.

So, you are a hard working, and loving provider for your wife and family. Good for you! Be ready to connect with her the minute your walk through the front door and use the 2-step smile test to see how soon you can take each evening to the next level of intimacy. Share your ideas and thoughts down below in the comments section. Enquiring readers want to know! 

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