The Good: Boston marathon runner’s race to help save the life of his wife

This amazing couple are fighting hard… just to have a future together where they can walk together holding hands as seniors. Instead, they are racing against time so cancer does not take that dream away.

You never know when tragedy can strike.

Unfortunately for Boston attorney, Rick Kaitz, tragedy struck twice. Rick is a very good example of a very good husband who is going to bat in every way he can possibly think to do in order to save his wife. She is suffering from a rare form of uterine leiomyosarcoma, or LMS. This is an aggressive cancer of the smooth muscle cells.

To compound the seriousness of this issue she is suffering from an even rarer type of this cancer than is to be expected.

The 2nd tragedy that surrounds his efforts to raise money for treatment and research into this rare cancer that has beset his beloved wife. In an effort to raise money by racing in the Boston marathon–Rick was close to the bombing that has shocked those that were there for the bombing, and that has effected the entire nation.

Loving efforts. Still, I want to highlight his loving efforts to give of himself to save the life of his wife–even amidst the shock and awe of this bombing attack.

He is an inspiration to me. My wife has daily back pain due to childhood scoliosis. It is almost a daily labor of love for me to focus my attention and loving touch to help soothe her daily back pain. Rick Kaitz has inspired me to do more than the usual for my wife. I hope that through this curation  article on the bombing that cut short his race to raise money for the love of his life’s chances of survival that you too will be inspired to go the extra mile for your mate.

To quote a recent article from,


“The couple has taken a team approach to her cancer, which they discussed on a recent day as Erica was undergoing chemotherapy at Dana-Farber.

“I focus on my treatment and I also do a tremendous amount of integrated therapies, such as Qui Gong, acupuncture, and meditation,” she said. “Rick focuses on the LMS part of it, figuring what’s out there in terms of meds, reading the literature, keeping in touch with the LMS community, to push our project ahead.”

Indeed, Rick Kaitz uses the word “we” when he speaks of her cancer: “We elected to have the second surgery right after the Pan-Mass Challenge last summer.” He has gone to all of her appointments, and considers himself lucky to have a flexible workplace at the firm of Sherin and Lodgen that allowed him a medical leave; now he works part-time around her schedule.” (Marathon runner)

There is much to glean from their example. Unity and teamwork drive their relentless pursuit for a cure for Erica. Relentlessly working together to make a marriage work no matter what may come around the corner of life is one of the best ways to save a marriage. It can prevent the hardships and uncertainties of life from tearing down the marriage you have worked so hard to build together.

Become a team now, and do not let the cancer of relationship discord tear down what you hold dear–each other.



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Please share your thoughts, well wishes and perhaps your own inspirational story in the comments section. You may just start a inspire an ailing marriage to find new hope and health of its own!

P.S. This is the first of three curation articles. This was “The Good” husband. Next will be “The Bad husband.” Stay tuned for the last part, “The slightly weird husband.” See you there.


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