Bradley Delivery as Marriage Teamwork

I remember being in the car with Sarah one sunny Florida afternoon, after the “Big News”, as she began to read a book on pregnancy aloud. Sarah knew she wanted to do a completely natural home birth, and I supported her in that decision. We read “Natural Childbirth The Bradley Way” book from cover to cover. You can read honest reviews of the book here.

I tried not to stare at the naked women in the pictures too much. They were giving birth, and that is really sacred. And, I was a new husband. Keeping my eyes just for my wife was . . . and is still very important to me. I have to agree with the reviewers here of the book on the point that   paints a very accurate and informing picture of the entire physical process that goes into a woman giving birth.

Most husbands would rather not get into all the details of natural childbirth, and I can understand that. I definitely won’t do that here.