Step 3: Brainstorm solutions to build your mate’s trust again

I once had a beautiful hummingbird stuck in my back porch. No matter how hard it tried, it couldn’t get out. I had to take the time to coax it out the door so it could do some good!

Do you have ideas for fixing the problems in your relationship? They are there – and they are trying hard to fly out and work!

In the previous message — I showed you how to look at your past relationship with your ex as a map. A map that shows you where problem spots are… so you can fix em. And, then you can win the chance to rebuild their trust again.

Now, you will see that solutions need to be figured out — to clear road blocks to your exes’ heart.

Don’t just make up a solution. Nope. Instead you should…

Brainstorm solutions

Like that hummingbird I had stuck in my back porch, the ideas for fixing problems in your relationship are just trying to get loose.

Relax, go for a jog to get the creative juices flowing and start throwing on the wall as many ideas for solutions you can think of.

At first just throw the 1st ideas that come to you mind in rapid fire speed. Nothing is too “off the wall” so to speak. You can pick the best solutions when you have exhausted every idea!

Your spouse may not be willing to share your give-and-take attitude towards building trust again at first… or sadly at all. Even so, you may find some solutions you can put into action on your own to build your mate’s trust again.


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