Could a new ‘Love drug’ help save your marriage?

Maybe we are all just too hormonal to handle conflict well these days. More hormones to the rescue!

Maybe we are all just too hormonal to handle conflict well these days. More hormones to the rescue!

A new ‘Love Drug’ study has been released that reveals some rather interesting results for a new drug set to hit the market soon for helping stop relationship conflict. The interesting thing is that these results show that this new drug can promote intimacy too.

The possibility of this research to help save marriages caught my attention right away. Is there any truth to this claim about a love drug that can help people feel “chilled out” when tensions flare… and then want to jump into the sac… so to speak?

I am referring to a new study in the journal, Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience. It seemed to suggest that one dose up the nose of this chemical (in spray form) works wonders in the intimacy department for couples.

It makes men get emotionally aroused and excited during conflict, and a woman more friendly–less critical, in a way that leads to (cough–ahem…) intimate relations.

That magical feel-good hormone is none other than, drum roll please… Oxytocin.

I am not surprised.

My wife works in a Mother/Baby unit at our local hospital. She aids in the initial healing and lactation support for many women.

I have personally seen Oxytocin’s wonderful emotional effects on my wife–And each of our four children as they would breast feed. It does wonders to help women heal after giving birth.

…And, I suspect they need a natural high more so than anyone after what they went through giving birth!

…And, I suspect it is why each of my kids have gone stark raving mad when we would try to ween them off her milk.

You can read a good article on the findings of the study. The article states: “Oxytocin is a complicated character. It’s commonly called the “cuddle chemical” — the brain chemical is involved in orgasm, social bonding, pregnancy and breast-feeding — but in other circumstances, it has the opposite effect, increasing aggression against outsiders or spurring distrust and rejection rather than affection in some people who have had difficult childhoods.”

Read more:

Since Oxytocin is found in the male hormone system as well as being prevalent in lactating women’s systems too… I might just try it sometime. You know, I can be the brave guinea pig for my marriage.

I want  to see if it helps stop conflict from messing up the paradise my wife and I call our marriage. If I start getting maternal and everything, and my 2 year old starts trying to nurse off of me… don’t worry you won’t be the first to know.

Time will tell if this so-called ‘Love Drug’ has any real value for lovers

But, if it does create a better relationship and ability to stop conflict dead in its tracks so my wife and I can have a more intimate marriage… I probably won’t tell you that either.

I don’t want to go to jail for practicing medicine through any recommendations I make without a medical license. Just be on the look out for more and better findings over the next few months or so. You can decide for yourself if trying this new so-called “love drug” is right for you and your marriage.

Let’s just say that when the going gets tough in a marriage–the broken hearted pray to God for help. Sometimes God uses chemical therapy to heal, even if what is being healed is a marriage.
I know you have an opinion about this topic–And, I want see what you think about it in the comments section. Let’s get a convo started here. I say, desperate couples will no doubt try it. Are they gullible for believing this kind of research? Weigh in on the debate, and share this with your friends to see what they have to say too!


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