Family Leadership That Leads To A Passionate Destination!

Family Leadership will Inspire Her to Make the Marriage Stronger With You!

Family Leadership

Is your family leadership building your marriage on the shaky sand, or the Rock of Christ Jesus? photo by icbg2083

by James Hess

I learned a lot about leadership during my 4 years in the US ARMY. I used to work closely with, S.F.C. Montez, my platoon Sergeant. He was an influential NCO in the Army. Also, he was a very committed family man.

I was a very lucky young Sergeant under his command. He liked being my mentor. He taught me these real big marriage principles.

It is my hope in this concise and to the point post to share these “nitty-gritty” secrets he taught me. These principles about marriage truly inspired his wife. They made his wife happy!

The same can be said for whatever shape your marriage is in–so let’s get started building our marriages with family leadership. And. . . It must be built on the Rock of Christ Jesus!

Have Shared Goals Together

There is one big secret of achieving success while leading others to reach shared goals. It is to understand what motivates them to work towards goals. A happy marriage that is led by a Godly husband is no different.

Respect is like the fuel for Family Leadership

Direct and to the point–these are relationship and communication secret tips for a Godly husband. He can use them as a part of his family leadership strategy. Perhaps, these will awaken her sleeping respect for you as her husband:

The secret to a happy marriage together is determining which problems are behind the anger, arguments, and frustration in your marriage:

  • Lack of intimacy
  • Money problems
  • Work stress
  • Kids and home stress, etc
  • Dissatisfaction for prayers not answered–Yet!

Next, communicate and decide to work together to go through these following steps.

  • Look for opportunities to help out your spouse
  • Write down the good qualities you like in your spouse. Tell them about those qualities
  • Write down the negative qualities of your spouse, try to think about why they might have that negative quality. Show some mercy when they “act out” due to his or her problems
  • Practice relaxation and deep breathing. This will help you handle stressful situations with your spouse
  • Practice being patient with your spouse
  • Have a goal of friendship and romantic intimacy – Start out small and build up from there
  • Listen to each others sexual signals
  • Practice forgiving each other. Start small with small mistakes and build up from there as well
  • Go to fancy restaurants
  • Have open conversation in every part of marriage. But, make sure that there are ground rules for keeping the communication free of manipulation
  • Message and foreplay are a must.


Improve communication through establishing common ground and fairness. It will help both of you make all of these tips work.

  • Come together to talk about your problems in a peaceful manner
  • Use, “I feel…” statements instead of “You did….” statements
  • If the conversation turns into an argument, then agree to take a break apart from each other until both of you are calmed down
  • Quietly write down all of the most important marriage problems you both are feeling
  • Agree on possible solutions to these problems together
  • Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time targeted goals for the accomplishment of these solutions.

All of these make great family leadership for keeping a marriage strong goals!

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