Find Trust In Christian Friends and Each Other Again

Here are some Christian Marriage Strategy Secrets that become the Reason “Why” to Make it Work to Triumph over your Marital Problems!

The “Secret” Test

If your friends can keep a personal secret "as if" it were the secret aviation black project "SR-71 Black-Bird"!

If your friends can keep a personal secret “as if” it were the secret aviation black project “SR-71 Black-Bird”, then you are Golden!

I know that it is very risky to share your marriage problems with even Christian brothers and sisters these days. To help you in that regard here is a quick and easy way to test if your Christian friend is a good confidant and source of Godly Christian marriage counseling wisdom. It will be followed by the last part; a “marriage mentor fable” of this Marriage Counseling blog series.

Pick one fact about your life that is not very damaging or personal and ask a friend if you can share that thing with them to see if they will keep it a secret or if they will blab to the world.

If they keep it you have secured a good Christian confidant, if they blab, forgive them, but don’t trust them with your marriage problems.

A good friend, we’ll call him “Ted” shared a personal fact about his marriage that he did not want me to share with anyone . . . do you whanna hear it?
Too bad! I’m not at liberty to share that with anyone.

Do you see what I am trying to get at. “Ted” has found himself a marriage  mentor and confidant that he can trust. You should too!


“Story: It’s Better to Get Your Marriage Back On Track from learning through the mistakes of wise friends, than from making your own mistakes.”

You are in a great place, even if you don’t feel it yet. Even if your husband or wife is treating you like their enemy.

Here’s how you can rescue your relationship through rediscovering each other. You will get there by finding and fighting a common enemy – instead of fighting each other.

The secret for making it work is found in this fun story.
It’s a more of a light-hearted fable. And, its a bit more fun than
the last story I shared. I am taking a quick detour from my theme of making a wife jump for joy and wrap her arms around her husband the moment he steps through the front door.  As great as that is I thought it best to promote the breakthrough for marriages that comes in the form of gaining wise advice from a wise marriage mentor!

Remember the Story of the “Fox and the Hound”? If you did
not watch the animated cartoon movie from Disney when it
came out in the early 80′s…

or you do not remember much about it, then here it is:

Way back in the “Ozark Hills” an orphaned baby fox named
‘Tod’ is rescued by “Big Momma” (she’s a wise old owl).
Tod soon discovers that he is not the only new kid in town
when he meets a new pup hound dog named ‘Copper.’

They soon become unlikely friends. They play around and get
in a heap a trouble in that beautiful Hill Country.

However, there is a problem with all this. It’s not quite a marriage problem, but you’ll see the connection.

Their care-free friendship simply could not last.

Little do they know – This is the kinda Hill country that
demands… that foxes be trouble, and seasoned hound dogs
hunt foxes! Tod’s shenanigans finally prove to be too much
for Copper. Their relationship almost ends for good.

That kinda trouble gets Tod sent off without getting his bags packed deep into the Ozarks
hills. Tod the fox thinks to himself, “I better look to the
wise old owl, “Big Momma”, for help!”

"We're taking a Little Break from each other right now . . . Todd is off in the woods getting some advice right now!"

“We’re taking a Little Break from each other right now . . . Todd’s bout to go off in the woods to get him some advice!”

The wise old owl helped the fox in his time of need. Tod
began to learn how to be a ‘boondocks fox.”
Big Momma taught him a thing or two about romance, relationships and being a friend, to win friends. And, that helped him to rise to the occasion and fight
alongside Copper against a common enemy (a big time pissed
off bear)!

Together, Copper the hound dog and Tod the fox realize
that they can re-cement their relationship. They are just
smarter now about how they go about it.

So, in the end the fox and hound, as mortal enemies, become
friends again. All offenses are forgiven.

Here’s the point to this Marriage Mentor Story!

“Outfox” any cycles of relationship problems you may be
experiencing in your current relationship by seeking the help
of a wise mentor to help steer you in keeping your relationship
strong – free from crisis and failure.

And… if it is a situation that is causing you to be at odds
with each other, fight the problem together, not each other!

Relationships that do survive and really flourish can teach us
how to better manage the struggle on our own. What is
going on in that half of the marriages and partnerships
that succeed? What can we learn from these successful

Here are my 2 tips to you about choosing a wise friend, that may not have a counseling degree, but still can help you better than a marriage counselor.

Tip #1: A marriage mentor will focus only on you and your marriage’s problems as their priority, not just shuffle you in among 30 other case loads for the week. That is why some of the best marriage counselors create their own products because they want to share their amazing results with the whole world without making their clients just part of their roster.

Tip #2: A wisely selected marriage mentor will will

“Outfox the Problem” Guys! 

Now that you’ve learned from “The Fox and the Hound” a.k.a the tale of “Two Enemies” I would like to hear from you!

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