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My happy family wasn't always so happy. Faith in God and reshaping my life with these simple principles forged a "marriage and family" that is built to last. It is now a lasting joy and pleasure.

My happy family wasn’t always so happy. Faith in God and reshaping my life with these simple principles forged a “marriage and family” that is built to last. It is now a lasting joy and pleasure.

by James Hess

Are you  fearful of her love going away because she misses you? Are you starting to get the feeling that your wife is ignoring you after you get home from work?

Internet forums and marriage counselor couches are overflowing with men desperate to know why their wife isn’t attracted to them anymore. The stories share one thing in common — over the years intimacy and passion are replaced with detachment and work.

If you are that hard-working, loving Christian husband, I have vital experience based information you need to know before you go down that Ultimatum



You landed on the right place. My goal is to make your marriage rival the Song-Of-Solomon. 

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Successfully Being A Hard Worker And Loving Husband Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

So, in this letter that uncovers the truth of God’s plan for your marriage, I will reveal the Easy 1, 2, 3 steps to Divorce Proof your marriage, and have it become closer to the incredibly lionhearted examples of men found in the Bible. This “Song of Solomon Best of the Best Husband” letter will provide the greatest marriage transforming tips and secrets that only brave, bold, and manful christian husbands will:

  1. Grasp like No Other
  2. Put into action in their marriage, and . . .
  3. Reap the life they always wanted to share with their wives

You simply will have a hard time putting this rather long, but life-changing letter down as you continue to discover helpful tips. These are tips that fit perfectly with my low cost of shipping and handling ONLY “Seven Secrets of Front Door Lovin` offer, which you will learn of more as you continue.

Lively World-Class Success Is Well Balanced Success!

So, I welcome you to embark on this “Divorce-Proof Song of Solomon Challenge”– to inspire her to put the “FUN” back into your Christian Marriage with you starting today!


My Promise to you is that I’m not going to try to sell you anything now. But, I am interested to ask you;

How would you like to see the quality of commitment given to you by your wife rise to all-new heights of joy and happiness together–all while stopping marriage conflict dead in its tracks? How much better would that be if you didn’t have to sacrifice the time you need to put in at work to continue to be a success driven dutiful provider?”

You can be the judge! All I need is just 30 minutes of your “facebook time” to show you how to get these success based results that build you up to be her visionary leader–And you can decide for yourself.

I want to practically give you a good as gold marriage boosting and divorce-proofing resource that you can use to see a dramatic increase in the respect and admiration of your wife. Expect to see a major difference in the first week or two if this is the root of the problem.

I made it so you can quickly put it to easy action the moment you walk through the front door each day after work. That is why I call my complimentary gift The Seven Secrets for Front Door Lovin CD that can be shipped to you for the low cost of shipping and handling.


More than just marriage at stakeJust like Adam, you have a legacy to protect. That is why we are called to be like Jesus, the 2nd Adam (1 Corinthians 15:45-49, and the promise of God is that we WILL be like Jesus when He returns in full glory: Phil 3:21, and 1 John 3:2).

The Success Of Any Marriage Starts At The Front Door

As you invest time into this, and read every word on this letter . . .

Imagine what it would be like if you could make her passionate for you the very minute you walked through the front door.

It does not matter how dead-tired you are. This works!

What would that be worth to you?

The concept of “have your cake and eating it too” has always been irresistible to hard working, purpose driven individuals.


Obviously, husbands who put in 110% at work want to enjoy the fruit of their labor, and feel a sense of accomplishment. 

These are powerful, yet dead-simple principles–tested and proven by hard working husbands and successful families.

The front door becomes the foundation starting off point for either marriage happiness, or disaster. The reality is that you can discover the 7 Easy Divorce-Proof Strategies I have engineered to make her passionate for you that very minute and, much more . . .

She will be bragging to your neighbors and all her Facebook friends about your positive change!

What’s best is, with my 7 secrets for front door lovin` you will embark on a “Christ-like personal development”  journey to attract all the love and devotion from your wife, and never be turned down one more night-without a good reason. Guaranteed!

And Yet, You Feel How Work Can Take Its Toll On You & Your Marriage Too

This course is designed to “leap-frog” you back on the right track with your family. Sometimes all that hard work comes at a high price. The “pursuit of happiness” takes over a marriage and family to the point where dad is the stranger that walks in each night, and walks strait to the “man cave.” This is a problem, because there is only so much of you to go around.

Where is the joy and excitement of being home at last that makes the kids rush to you saying, “Dad’s home!”

Where is the pleasure of having your wife wrap her arms around you, look at you deeply and tell you how proud she is of you.

The result of putting in a grueling day at work far too often is:

  • Missing out on the benefits of enjoying your family that you have worked so hard for.
  • You end up missing out on the wonderful joys of wrestling with the young ones, tossing the ball while talking guy stuff, & cultivating a rapturous marriage.
  • And, when the deadlines, and endless tasks press in and choke the life out of your family life you consider giving up . . . but don’t give-up.

There IS a better way. I should know. That was me 4 years ago. I simply had to come up with a way to get it all done without sacrificing time with those precious few people who I was really working for … my wife and kids.

Seven Secrets For Front Door Lovin` Saves Your Time

Many marriage programs, and courses give you advice that can work, but they require:

  • Long sessions, or cause you to do your own marriage counseling that does help you work out your marriage problems . . . But . . .
  • You need a solution that you can quickly, and I mean instantly put into use with the time you have left in the day.

You don’t need marital conflict help, you need time management and intimacy building strategies. You need to combine all this seamlessly into your new after work game plan.

Step up to the plate and Click here to Radically Improve the romance in your marriage with all “7 Secrets for front door lovin`” in this easy to do interview CD that is food for thought on your way home from work each night. This will be soul-food that will give you the strength to take that quantum jump into an incredible marriage.

If you want your marriage radically transformed to rival the magnitude and success of “The Song of Solomon”, then you have to call on God for wisdom to do what’s best. Be absolutely ready and “All-In” the moment you step foot through the front door after work.

You Can Consistently Have Stamina To Make Front Door Lovin A Reality

Still, as a busy Christian husband working hard to provide for your family you may be thinking,

Yeah, yeah, all this is easier said than done . . . I can’t go into stealth-mode after a grueling day at the office. How am I supposed to expect to pull this off every night?”

If you simply have to know this instant, you can just grab your free + shipping and handling CD. But, if you need some more convincing . . . first, I can assure you the answer to having the energy to charge into each part of your day without any regrets is hidden in an amazing Bible verse. Did you catch it?

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