How to have a Happy Marriage by following 5 quick tips

Do the things you do in your marriage make your wife jump for joy… smile from ear to ear? Do those things make her wrap her arms around you? Photo by Mattox.

Is bringing a smile to your husband or wife’s face one of your top priorities?–It could make all the difference! Really!

If it is not, then you may be missing out on experiencing one of the most rewarding parts of being married. Joy in a marriage is just one of the glues that will hold a marriage together. It is just one of the things that can keep it strong, and ready to take on life’s challenges for the long run. Do you follow?

Wives everywhere could attest to the fact that happiness comes from caring leadership from their husbands. I am going to focus on that as a point of transformation.

How just doing the little things can bring joy to your wife. In this post I will share a short and wonderful story of how one great guy did something little that paid off big… In addition to this, at the end you will discover 5 step-by-step tips you can do today to make her jump for joy too! And by extension, you will boost your efforts to having a happy marriage too!

I never saw her smile brighter than when he… Just a few weeks ago I was working with my friend Liz in the nursery of the church I attend. I am really good with kids so it is a good fit for me.

She started to tell me how she was missing her mother. Her mother lived very far away and does not get to see her daughter very often. Liz of course missed her mom like crazy too. You see, Liz is from Peru and is new to the US. She and her husband Joe (also a friend of mine) have just recently bought a second house and are in a place of transition, while trying to get their 1st house rented out. Normally, plane tickets to Peru run between $800 — to about $1K.

Even though money was a bit tight,

And…  Baby sitters weren’t lining up around the block to help them out with watching their 2 yr old son, while Joe would be at work teaching students how to speak the language of Love… the Spanish language, I mean.  Joe took it upon himself to be the voice of optimism.

“Sure, I will do my best to make sure you get to be on a plane to see your mother.” He said with confidence.

“It may take a little time.”  he told her.

As her frown melted and became enlivened into a hopeful grin he assured her that he would try to work something out for her.

Against all odds… a miracle. Little did Joe know, but God had been busy arranging his schedule to make his wife’s dream come true. Soon thereafter when Joe got to work he found out that he had one week off in between semesters.

Right away — Joe got to work searching the airline sites and discount travel sites on the good ole interwebs for that week he’d be off from work. Nothing was coming up that would work with their budget.

Joe did not lose heart. He held on to hope that he could bless his wife so she could visit her mother. He thought that perhaps Spirit air lines might have a discount flight to Peru. It is a good thing he did not give up, because on that airline he was able to book a flight for $360 to Peru round trip for his wife. Incredible! A small price to pay that would make her jump up and down for joy, while putting a smile that I could still see as she told me the story a week later.

Those 5 Tips to take home from Joe and Liz’s story.

  • Listen to the heart of your wife when she shares her feelings
  • Think of positive things you can do that will be a loving solution for the thing that is hurting her heart
  • Do those things so you can show her you care… even if it seems next to impossible to achieve
  • Maintain confidence and show your wife optimism as you continue not to give up helping her
  • Celebrate her good fortune with her as she jumps up and down for joy… because you were her hero! Joe sure did when he proved his manly worth to her.

Joe’s story is inspiring, but it is not unique to just he and wife. You too can gain the hugs and kisses, devotion, intimacy, and respect of your wife through his story and these 5 marriage game changer tips.

Show me that you are alive! Share a comment about what you think about Liz’s jump for joy story and this Blawg post!

P.S. Do not overlook the divine aspect of this story. I’m sorta talking about when Joe found the price on Spirit for $360, but that’s not what I am really getting at.  Not only did he get a price much lower than they ever expected, but also they didn’t have to worry about babysitters.

P.S.S. I would be remiss if I did not note the fact that the previous evening to finding this incredible price he and his wife prayed asking the Lord to show them His will by giving  them a good price (or not). I think we can agree God’s will shined through the uncertainty of the circumstance.–


  1. sarah says:

    that is really nice :)

    • James says:

      That’s what she said… with great enthusiasm. And that my dear is the point of my telling of this story!

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