How to Spice Up Your Marriage!

Husbands, Tap into your wife’s desire for You!

Marriages are saved when leadership traits are displayed by either of you, but they are without a doubt what a wife needs to feel secure with you, as her husband. Knowing how to spice up your marriage is the name of the game my friend!

As women, wives, you have a good intuition about what your relationship needs in order to light up the fires of your passion and romance again!

When Spontaneity gets harder & harder &….

It goes without saying that over time most, if not all, marriages experience seasons of emotional disconnect, or apathy. If your relationship has slipped into these times of difficulty then you “Know” what I am talking about. You desire happiness and connection together… the kind that feels like a dream, or a shared moment of joy! However, often, your relationship slips into tedium and “just going through the motions.” Sure, both of you are not intentionally trying to be apart or distant emotionally or romantically from each other.

Become a Savvy Leader!

Yet, fortunately for you, there is a secret leadership ability that you can easily practice and learn that can fix all that! Well, it is going to be a secret, no longer!

You can discover how you can overcome that tedium, or the fact that every once in a while your marriage gets overstressed with the issues of life. Because, issues invariably come along and drive a wedge between the two of you, strategic planning for romance and fun is the cure for the times of dryness in your marriage. This leadership ability gives you the edge you need.

Strategic Planning for Confident Success & Spontaneous Fun!

Your strategic planning can be well thought out, or a prelude to a completely spontaneous escapade with your mate! The point is that if you show confidence and intentionality for instilling surprise and fun and pleasure!

Then you get to be his or her personal hero!

Got what it takes?

There are a few details to have under your belt before putting into action any of your “joy-ride” plans for out of this world fun! Know what you are doing before you figure out how to spice up your marriage!

Have a Mission in Mind!

For each romp of fun or plan of romantic intimacy, come up with a “mission statement” type idea in your head for the actual purpose of the plan. Of course, you could come up with an actual written statement for understanding the purpose behind your plan on how to “spice up your marriage.” Either way, “Know” it on a case-by-case basis as the leader you were born to become!

Know what is Acceptable for Both of You

Also, it is important to plan your romance and fun around the philosophy of the values of your relationship. Nuff, said about that! Also, think about a shared vision that you can inspire in your relationship (find out more here: a successful marriage!)

Some more tips from “Keep Marriage Alive” about strategic planning

Think for a little bit that a strategic plan as the sum total or outcome of what both of you want in your marriage…, more than just “doin something together”!

Sure, sometimes just hanging out together is just what the doctor ordered, but for help in “making the magic happen” together – “Keep Marriage Alive” is there for you!

The formulation of a shared vision and shared life goals can be interwoven into your strategic plans for spicing up your marriage. We at Keep Marriage Alive, are the No B.S., No Quick Fix experts who are #1 in meshing  the fine points of “Honor Based Love” as a foundation for your relationship with “Perfect Passion” for each other as motivation for fixing your marriage woes!

Helping real people with real marriage relationship problems make their marriages strong from its foundation all the way up beyond to Joy that goes beyond imagination is our mission. You marriage can be rock solid like that because we get at the root of problems, offer sustainable solutions, and inspire couples to shoot for the stars together! We want your marriage to be a stunning success that grows and evolves into something that wows and amazes you each and every day!

Why, because the marriage my wife and I share together is that fantastic! – even when (and sometimes especially when) our circumstances are less than ideal! “Honor Based Love” and “Perfect Passion” work for us, and we believe that it can work for you too!

Keep “1st Things 1st”!

So in your marriage, the life of your relationship is what really matters. Everything else,… all of the routines and tasks that we do or fail to do that are part of the tedium are just… well, just like doing the dishes. Those tedious things need to get done, but they are all pointless if your marriage is falling apart!

So, go out, mix it up, and plan to succeed in your relationship together.