How you can benefit from one couple’s fight against time

Dreams do come true… for some couples that dream is short-lived due to the onset of cancer or some other tragedy.

For some reason earlier this week my chest started to really hurt. Is this some kind of sign that I am not healthy? Could my life be cut short? My grandfather died of an embolism when he was in his early forties… could the same happen to me? I have been thinking of providing for my family and making sure that the money goes to whom I want it to go to. Now I have a “will” on top of life insurance.

Why am I sharing this with you? Earlier on last month I shared a recent story on the KMA blog for you to
help inspire both you and your mate… It is a sample of what you can expect to find in the Keep Marriage Alive Newsletter. There is this story and many more like it that have been written to help inspire you to reconcile with your mate and save your marriage. It is easy and better yet, it is absolutely free. Sign up for it above and over there to the right. You are just a click of the mouse to get loads of updates and advice that you can use when you need it most.

Now back to how you can benefit from one couple’s fight against time… Don’t worry you will benefit by their story in a positive way.

Here is the excerpt from the KMA newsletter: “It was my hope that Nolan and Morgan’s miracle marriage and
honeymoon story would make you and your mate
stop and think about giving that next effort to keep on
saving the marriage…

After all… their story is inspiring couples across the world
to cherish every minute of life in their marriage.

It is the kind of love story that
centers around courage, true-love, and sacrifice.

For them… love is life. And, it is greater than death itself.

Nolan and Morgan’s dream has now come true. But soon, memories
may be all that they will be left with if Nolan’s doctors are
correct about how much time he has left to live. But, Nolan and
Morgan are not done loving each other. And, they are not done
fighting Nolan’s terminal brain cancer together…

Against all odds!

Read their story when you click the link below:


You won’t be sorry you took a few minutes to read and be
inspired by their story.

I hope it brings the kind of perspective that can motivate
your mate to work that much harder with you to save your

I know that it inspired me to make more of a difference in my marriage as I read it.

All they want is a chance at living happily together for years
to come as man and wife. For them, it would take a miracle!”

BTW. I wonder what you think about their dream to get married even when they know that time may be short. Has that beautiful example inspired you in your thoughts about your marriage, your mate, and your chances of making it all last over the long haul. I for one can say it has done that for me. How bout you?


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