Husband And Wife Relationship: Listen To Her To Stay Off The Couch

"Oh!" She says. "I didn't know if you were listening or not." Prove You Care About Her In Your Husband and Wife Relationship By Simply Listening.

“Oh!” She says. “I didn’t know if you were listening or not.” Prove You Care About Her By Simply Listening.

In a Husband and Wife Relationship Say it best, By Saying Nothing At All

Is it better to say the right things in a relationship or to not say the wrong things in a relationship? Sometimes it is best not to say anything at all! In this latest blog edition I will reveal a secret that can help a husband and wife relationship go smoother in the marriage communication¬† department– here it is: Have “one-way” communication every once in a while! Do it often too if that will make things better.

Communication is the Focus of a Great Relationship

In any marriage communication must be the most important focus of the relationship. As Christians, Sarah, my wife, and I make communicating with God through prayer our biggest priority. After that, we make communicating together–even when both of us do not have a lot of time to talk number two on our list.

Women Usually Have More To Say Anyway

I have had to learn to just listen and keep my mouth closed so that the time we had to talk could be best put to good use. At the end of the day, Sarah usually has more to say than I do. She can talk a whole lot more than me. She feels deeper about things and can be a whole lot more emotional than I could ever fake being. I am sure most husbands can relate. This is not a put down. Most women are excellent communicators and just have more to say.

Why Argue, When You Can Simply Listen and Go to the Man-Cave Later

A husband will stun and amaze his wife if he just listens to her and doesn’t even attempt to argue or make his point heard. I know that it can be hard to just listen, especially when your smart phone is just calling out to you . . . or ESPN is calling to you . . . Simply, set aside a time after you have communicated together to do that stuff. Life will get much easier for everyone if patience is added to listening in your marriage.

A Job Can’t Love You The Way She Can. Keep Priorities Strait

As a husband for 9 years I know that work-a-holism is a seriously seductive temptation that I have fallen into more times than I can count. It is okay to work hard and put in an honest days work for an honest day’s pay. But, work is not a substitute for being there when it is time to reunite with your mate. In a husband and wife relationship it does go both ways, but let’s face it, how many times in a given week do husbands pull their wives aside to a private room just to pour his heart out to her?

That’s right. None too often.

So, I am speaking mostly to husbands here since that occasion of having something so important that it just can’t wait is probably still 3 to 4 months away from right now. A women needs to feel important, cherished, and loved everyday. You listening to her accomplishes all that in a very simple way!

You’ll be surprised at how fast she’ll stop crying, or anything else that might seem like you are the reason for her bad feelings. She’ll feel like you connected, and thank you for listening so well to her. Score!

So, this blog post is simple. Allow time to just listen to her out of your busy schedule once you get home from work. It will pay off in amazing ways. Just do this stuff as soon as the opportunity presents itself and thank me later.

I know you have an opinion about the topic of “Just Listening” in a marriage, and my manifesto approach of making it a rule to life by. So, you can give us the chance to listen to your view point by leaving a comment below. I look forward to listening to ya!

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