5 Shockingly Simple Ways to “Get to Know” Your Wife Again

Even tho you will never fully understand her . . . Just keep trying to Understand her Anyway, as if it was that day you both fell in love! by James Hess How many years have you been married to your wife? It is a simple question. Here is the next one. Do you fully understand […]

These 3 Marriage Intimacy Adventure Ideas Are Almost Too Easy

"You know you want to have a romantic adventure" -- So what are you waiting for?

A team project, the right kind of vacation, and making a life-goal adventure together. . . It is always an “appropo” time to try something fun and exciting for your marriage–as long as it fits both partners tastes and interests.  by James Hess For years Sarah, my wife, and I have known that God had […]

Thoughts on love for my bride

Thoughts on love

Love is mysterious. There is a death and rebirth that follows it everywhere if love will be able to build intimacy in a marriage. I’m Not referring to reincarnation, or the phoenix myth. Jesus makes it clear that if you want to live, you have to die. (Matt 10:39, 16:25) I never knew how raw […]

Five Languages of Love For Marriage–Why some marriages are happy… but most are not

Five Languages of Love in Action

You won’t have to learn French to speak these “Five Languages of Love”!  How should a loving husband express his emotions to his wife? A wife needs ALL her emotional needs to be met. She needs you to share how you feel about God’s purpose for your lives. She especially needs to know how you feel […]

Wife Romance only a loving husband that sacrifices, risks, and loves can give


Have you ever met a husband who risked his life to save his wife, and family? With my 9th anniversary to my wonderful wife just 2 days away I have been thinking about some of the best wife romance ideas I can think of. I have been brainstorming ways that I can romance her and […]

Sexless Marriage Cure

Sexless Marriage-Investigate Affair Possibility

On April 22, 2011, in the news on the Today Show section of the MSN website, there was a featured article, “How Viagra Can Mess Up Your Marriage.”  It was a very engaging and thoughtful article concerning Viagra, it’s positive and negative health considerations and how it can either cure a sexless marriage or cause […]

Intimacy in Marriage

Intimacy in Marriage / Have an Intimate Marriage Now!

Many couples cite a lack of “intimacy” in their marriage as a reason for being unhappy. For guys, “intimacy” is physical. For women, it is almost always emotional. Let’s face it -true intimacy in marriage is both physical and emotional. You have to connect with your partner on every level if you expect your marriage […]

Intimate Marriage – The Shocking 3 Secrets of World Class Lovers

Intimate Marriage-Regain the Passion

Many couples feel stuck in dry marriages. My wife, Sarah and I help many such people find healing and intimacy again in the forum: TalkAboutMarriage.com. Sarah and I work together to take what we have learned in our own marriage to help other couples who are in marriage troubles. That’s us!   Often we hear: […]