Can a husband be a Knight in Shining Armor without pride taking over?

Knight in Shining Armor

Jesus is the only Knight in Shining Armor — But, you can follow His example.

What makes a “Knight in Shining Armor” become “that guy”? Just leave that to Jesus. Follow Him and seek his help. He will make you more like Him! 

I’d like to share a story with you.

I can remember when I stopped trying to act like a “knight in shining armor” for Sarah, my wife

My problem was that I was acting like “that guy” in a way that hurt our relationship.

I acted just a bit too macho for my own good. I did not listen to Sarah. I would not show her that I needed help from her with directions and such. I acted like I was “Mr. Leadership.” I was a guy that cared about her deeply, but still had a bit of chip on his shoulder.

When I was in the US Army, S.F.C. Montez, my old platoon Sergeant taught me about “being brave” and “caring about others” as a part of leadership. He was a Christian leader who mentored me.

I thought that “being brave” and “caring about others” meant that I needed to always be right and not show vulnerability. Boy was I wrong!

I figured, “Hey, if I bravely act like a leader, AND care enough to hide my faults, then it will all pan out nicely”!

Whanna guess how well that worked?

You got it. We almost broke up before we got married, because she hurt my pride when she literally told me,

You are not my knight in shinning armor. I can’t look up to you like that.”

Our relationship problems caused us to almost break up.

We took a week off from our relationship. We set a date to talk about fixing things. We wanted to get married, but if that was going to happen I needed to stop acting like I had my act together.

The best thing that came out of this time of healing was that I decided to hang on to bravery and caring. I did that by seeking Jesus’ help to just be the man He wants me to be. Rather than acting macho, just seek Jesus with all your strength, heart, soul, and mind. Love happens when caring mixes with humble vulnerability.


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