1 Respect Lesson that leads to Incredible Intimacy in Marriage

That feeling of a job well done--and respect well deserved... Priceless! We don't know just how good it feels until...

  Have You Ever Experienced a Respect Lesson from someone you love? I cannot tell you how much respect means to me in life and especially in my marriage. It seems like my life is one big respect lesson after another It runs deep in the core of my being as a man. I know […]

Christian Marriage Counseling–3 Ways to Prevent Needing It

Help each other make the whole house both of yours again by first counseling each other before it gets bad enough to pay a professional.

Unlock 3 Secrets to Marriage Success By Practicing Christian Marriage Counseling Together. What a novel idea! Well, novel to “Do-It-Yourself-ers” that is. DIY guys (and gals) like getting their hands into a project, and who use their own ingenuity and resourcefulness to get a job done. I think you and I are like that. Often […]

#1 Reasons You Should Always Shop Around for Marriage Guidance


… Before discovering how taking marriage guidance from one source could end in Disaster! Have you ever found yourself completely trapped in a dangerous situation, of which there was no return… AND anything could happen at the drop of a hat? That is the situation I found my son and myself in 3 years ago […]

Stress and Anger Relief That Will Save You, While You Save Your Marriage!

God's son, Jesus is waiting to comfort you. Friends and loved ones will follow suite and have a place set--ready to help you.

I have a dream. We all desire a better life and happiness. We all desire the achievement of better health and relationships. Sometimes we kill ourselves in order to make those things a reality. It becomes that much harder when the world crumbles around you. I heard my boss give me the horrible news that […]

Counseling To End Marriage Dysfunction

This article deals with the uneasy subject of marriage and family dysfunction.  Dysfunction that can hide within the four walls of the supposed safety of the home.  Marriage and family dysfunction can take many forms, alcoholism and/or drug abuse, enabling the alcoholic and/or drug addicted member of the family, spouse abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse, […]

Premarital Counselor

Two dynamic personalities joining to become one unit, open up the possibilities of conflict and the possibilities of unimaginable joys.  Premarital counseling can help in both arenas. Wisdom is just as much about trying to predict and preparing for the inevitable difficulties you may face.  Accurate foresight to prepare yourselves for the types of marital […]

How Pre Marriage Counseling can save you grief in the long-run

After she accepts his proposal sometime thereafter a wedding date is set.  After that, it would not make sense for couples to then immediately set a date for the divorce.   The divorce rates bare the sad fact that often the difficulties overcome the benefits of marriage in our society and that not preparing for those […]