Discover the Power of Marriage Stories!

Feel your mate slipping away? Thing can become more intimate when “times of happiness” are shared and remembered.

How about some Hope!

The good news is that your marriage does not have to end in divorce. You and your mate do not have to end up being a statistic. You can do some powerful things that can positively affect your future. Things that dramatically effect the problems of your marriage… today!

How do I know?

My wife and I reached a breaking point… a moment of decision over a year ago…

Suffice to say, I chose to work on my own character. I chose to see my wife as more than just a woman who is just there for my needs. And, I put her and her needs first. Now, instead of dwelling on that rough patch in our marriage — she and I remember the good times in order to keep our marriage fresh and lively.

About marriage stories

They can give you the hope you need to keep going in your marriage saving efforts. Start your journey today by reading my roller coaster story! If your spouse has not yet asked for a separation…

If you feel that there is still time to save the marriage before it gets too late, then…

Listen to my wife’s and my story. See if you inspired to remember those times of love with your spouse from your own marriage.

Remembering the quest

When I joined the Army. It was a right of passage into man-hood for me. I entered the Army ranks as less than nobody — I was a raw recruit! The Army tore me down, just so they could build me back
up to become the soldier they wanted me to be.

My experiences in the Army with marriages that allowed lies, cheating,
and deceit showed me the things not to do. Don’t get me wrong.
Many of my fellow soldiers had fairly strong marriages. However, my close
friends seemed to not fair so well.

After that time of helping my friends pick up the pieces of their shattered lives… I ended up living with a family who taught me a lot about strong relationships. They taught me how to
keep a marriage going strong – free of mind games!

They Army built me up to be a man, a disciplined soldier.
The family I went to live with taught me all about family
ties and trust!

I had a fairly good measure of that growing up, but as my
long-distance relationship with Sarah began to take on a life
all its own… I needed a real-time marriage example to be my
marriage mentors. At that time I dreamed of marrying Sarah.

example helped me a lot!

As my mentors, they taught me how to communicate with my
wife, read psychological cues that mean more than the person
is saying. They taught me how to keep romance and mystery alive and ready to
go. Their marriage had all that and more even though both of them ran a successful wholesale,
unfinished wood furniture business. I shouldn’t even mention that they also kept their marriage strong while
starting a computer networking business on the side. They showed me how to prioritize even when life is at its busiest!

As mentors they spoke candidly with me and prepared me
for the tough times ahead. Little did I know that Sarah and I would face a devastating engagement after I would leave the Army, and the mountains of Colorado.

Their example and advice helped us navigate our way through relationship troubles and two break-ups before we got married. Often, we talk about our incredible journey and all that we have learned together, just like my marriage mentors taught me to do! It pays off by keeping us appreciative of each other and all that we have accomplished together.

That Is the reason why Sarah and I want to share the secrets
of interpersonal marriage relationship success with you!

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