Why “Godly Appraisal Comments” Are So Important to Godly Husbands

Positive Appraisal Comments deserve Hats Off to Warm Smiles

I always give props to the man who uses positive praise to bring warm smiles to the face of his wife. That’s because, loving words of praise set a positive stage for an intimate marriage and encourage her to feel united.

A Thanksgiving Story: The Day My Life Changed In An Instant–3 Times


Have You Heard My BEST Thanksgiving Story? When I share this story with others I usually start out by saying; We were young and dumb then . . . We had faith enough to fill the Grand Canyon. . .  a couple times over. The kind of faith that takes any challenge head-on, mustering all […]

1 Respect Lesson that leads to Incredible Intimacy in Marriage

That feeling of a job well done--and respect well deserved... Priceless! We don't know just how good it feels until...

  Have You Ever Experienced a Respect Lesson from someone you love? I cannot tell you how much respect means to me in life and especially in my marriage. It seems like my life is one big respect lesson after another It runs deep in the core of my being as a man. I know […]

Wife Romance only a loving husband that sacrifices, risks, and loves can give


Have you ever met a husband who risked his life to save his wife, and family? With my 9th anniversary to my wonderful wife just 2 days away I have been thinking about some of the best wife romance ideas I can think of. I have been brainstorming ways that I can romance her and […]

How to Reassure Your Spouse that You Are Not Cheating

One simple way to show that you are becoming more thoughtful for your spouse is to try to start thinking like your spouse. Believe it or not one of the best ways to do that is through the subtle art of reassuring him or her… Because, even big positive changes in your relationship together can […]

Catch a Cheater – 6 Effective Secrets To Best Confront a Cheating Spouse!

Fade to Black Marriage

Have you detected signs of an affair out of the blue from your husband or wife?  If these unusual behaviors do not make sense, then… What you need now is a way for you to make concrete discovery that your spouse is cheating on you. Do not lose your cool.  Never jump to the conclusion […]

1 Weird Tip to Win the Heart of your Mate: Ask, “Remember Us”?


Do you remember being in love with your spouse? If you’ve fallen out of love and are close to divorce you HAVE to read this right now… Marriage can bring incredible joy and happiness to a couple. It can also bring deep wounds and pain. Do you daydream about how your relationship “used to be?” […]

Marriage Problems

Differences to Joy

Identify and handle the matter gently You are here because your marriage is facing perhaps some of the toughest times you and your spouse have ever encountered!  Do you feel that in order to keep marriage alive, something has to be done about the marriage problems that seem to be attacking your marriage?  If those […]

Saving My Marriage

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Here’s a quick exercise you can do right now. Write down your 10 most important things to accomplish. If “saving my marriage” is not on that list then we have a problem. There is no reason for you to read this. Come back when you’re ready. In case you don’t know my story, here it […]

9 Secrets that Keep Marriage Alive through Honor Based Love

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Welcome to Keep Marriage Alive Many struggling couples need critical help.  Many have started their marriage in happiness and fulfillment. Yet, somewhere along the way the reasons why there was happiness got confused and lost. Many men and women I help are afraid of losing their best friend, while that spouse feels trapped… and wants […]