Why I turned my marriage into a woodshed…

When you spend as much time in the "woodshed" practicing your "love-lingo", you'll be smiling as much as good Ole' Bob Brookmeyer here with his slide trombone.

Every now and then I like to switch gears and share a principle or two that is not strictly about saving one’s marriage. There is an old saying, “Just an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” How about keeping it strong so that it can hold up under the pressures of life […]

Work Life Balance And Marriage

Keep Marriage Alive, Save My Marriage Today!

  “Keep Marriage Alive”: News that affects your marriage, for the better! At Keep Marriage Alive, marriage blogs are reviewed regularly so that marriage building news can be provided on a regular basis to help under-gird what Keep Marriage Alive is all about, helping couples “keep marriage alive“.   One particular blog reported on a forum […]