More Of Your Godly Marriage After Work Game Plan Revealed

Phil 4:13 gives the answer; “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me”–Even Juggling Work/Life Success

"That was my shock and dismay the day she told me things need to change after coming home from work empty handed 1 time too many . . . her currency is "LOVE Time Together."

“That was my shock and dismay the day she told me things “need to change” after coming home from work empty handed 1 time too many . . . btw, her currency is “LOVE Time Together.”

First off, I respectfully understand being a hard worker and loving husband can be exhausting. “Trust me”, remember I can relate! What I share with you is certainly befitting those challenges that you, the professional Christian husband face, when you give all you got day in—day out, but yet, still feel cheated out of the affirmation you justly deserve.

Get hope you can count on here with this “Song of Solomon” challenge, that while easy, is not effortless. It will not take “A Lot” of effort on your part. Just enough to make instant connection when you come home if you follow these “ready-made”, and “done for you” strategies that work for me… And, many of the men I have helped. And, this is just the beginning of a journey into making your home-life success mirror your professional life.

Godly success as 2 Corinthians 3 puts it is based not on your own ability to do everything for yourself, but on Christ’s ability… who “strengthens you.” Now here is the rub, as a husband you want to succeed in providing the very best to your family with God’s strengthening. So, if all of your energy goes into closing deals, and earning commissions, training your team, or teaching your class room, while delivering results on or before a deadline…
If you are exhausted at the end of the day and limited on how you can put the energy into understanding her needs, and loving her the way God commands…
… then you must fall in line with 1 Peter 3:7

“. . . ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honor unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered.”

Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi. My name is James Hess. I’m a passionate 34 year old Christian writer for (the place where the Happiest Years of your marriage are there for the making), and marriage team mentor for my Church. And, I almost suffered the deeply bitter pain of divorce!

~Almost!~ I have made Big mistakes, but my wife and I have grown together through them. We work together to help marriages, because we have learned too much not to share. It’s in our blood now!

Let me be upfront with you about this challenge for rivaling “The Song of Solomon.” Even though I am not a licensed marriage therapist, I have a success principle that you won’t hear from any other therapists. I hope this can be a life transforming and real challenge that requires you taking action. I am not offering any theory, or mere suggestions. This is not just advice. I am turning to the authority of the Bible, God’s Revealed Truth. I like to consider the BIBLE “Basic-Instructions-Before-Leaving-Earth!”

I cannot and will not offer magic pills. I will not hawk my marriage success advice as quick schemes doomed to backfire!

And, if you do too much of these suggestions too quickly without including your wife in this whole process, then she might think something is up. She might think that you are covering for being up to no good, even if you already are a great husband.

Keep this next point in mind, because this is about meeting her needs, which brings the promise of your needs being met as well—This is a main piece of the puzzle that when put together reveals the whole picture of my low cost Seven Secrets for Front Door Lovin` offer.

Your Loving Wife Wants, Needs, And Deserves SPECIAL ATTENTION Daily

Maybe she wants this special attention more often than you think to give it to her. Remember, women are different than we are… And, your wife will feel loved from highly focused, and timely (but not necessarily time-consuming) intentional care from you.

Take a moment to stop and ask yourself this question, 

Emotional ConnectionThe correct answer to that question is easy, it’s fast, it’ll change your life forever. If she can feel loved, then she will have the motivation, and reason to respect you with greater enthusiasm the minute you come home from work.

My Story And Those Promised Critical Acts That Save Marriages

I’m super busy all the time.

If you are anything like me, you are motivated to provide for your family like crazy!

I know, I know, you are motivated to challenge yourself to reach greater heights of success and happiness. You plot your course day in, and day out, while keeping Jesus 1st and foremost. But, as I said before . . . a lot of family matters suffer as a result.

Am I right?

I once devastatingly wrecked my car from sheer exhaustion, failing to notice a school zone sign as I dozed-off at the wheel… suffice to be said, it wasn’t pretty. Don’t worry, I didn’t hit any children! Just the rear-end of a Ford Bronco.

Are you aggravated with the problems that plague your industry, and with team players that don’t want to pull their own weight?

Does this make sense? In fact, the “Seven Secrets for Front Door Lovin” gives a great tip for clearing your head, and getting “psyched” to win the heart of your wife all over again. Watch for it when you get the CD in the mail.

Of Course, Christian Men Are Very Hard Workers — And, “Gee” We Think That “Ought” To Be Enough. But It’s Not.

Tired! Who has time or the energy to even think about “romantic leadership”? (Up to half of all marriages end in divorce, and the number-one reason given by divorcing women – “he just didn’t pay enough attention to me anymore.”)

God overwhelmingly hates divorce! (Malachi 2:16) But, that doesn’t stop the onslaught of divorce

I love God, and His ways of wisdom for us too! I know that you feel that divorce is off the table! And, it should be. However, I have seen too many families split apart. The major crisis that swings the hammer to fall (from within) is due to the onslaught of drifting apart as “One Flesh.” This was Jesus’ command, and warning in Matthew 19:4-6.

Because divorce is so serious a matter, this letter is that much more important!

But . . .

There Is Seemingly A Catch 22 Of Both Providing, While Being “ALL IN” As A Husband

I say “seemingly” about this catch 22 thing due to the fact that God can heal a marriage, in which both are willing to work through the problems, and put forth the effort for healing the damage. 

So, why do I have a picture of a Bible with wedding rings in it? Because your marriage needs to feel as worthy, dependable, and Godly as God’s word. Overwhelmingly, God’s Word Is His Revealed TRUTH!

Love and MarriageOn the next page you will discover the Communication strategy for creating that worthy and dependable status that will extend to your marriage as a whole.  Make sure you grab, and run with it! 

For right now, just have faith that it doesn’t take a giant coast-to-coast leap of faith to win her heart everyday! But, here’s a hint: you have to do just a bit more than stay awake to connect with her on a deeply emotional level.

We’ll get to that soon enough when we get to the Seven Secrets for Front Door Lovin` offer on the 4th page of this report.

And… since God has preserved His word, He can certainly preserve and sustain your Godly marriage. God meets you half way.

But, “what does that mean?”

God meeting you half way means this:

If you are willing to do whatever it takes to be the man of God your wife needs… A man who is both a provider–AND who is “All In” as a husband, then He will give you these wife melting qualities in spades:

1. A blazing fire of dedication in your heart

2. Visionary Leadership that truly inspires, and…

3. A sensitive skill that connects with her deepest needs and desires

And so begins my story with these startling words of desperation from my wife that devastatingly Echo in my mind

If something doesn’t change soon, James, I don’t know how we’re gonna stop our marriage from ending in divorce.”

In the next page my story reveals the Secrets of:

1. Communication

2. Validation, And…

3. Commitment

Those 3 things are really “Comprehensive Collision Insurance” that Restore a marriage and Stop it from being totaled by the judge. These are absolutely critical to the success of your marriage. Here they are . . . Next Page>>>