Never give up on love from God, and for your mate

God will shed the light you need to see the beauty of life with your mate, and the strength to Overcome!

God will shed the light you need to see the beauty of life with your mate, and the strength to Overcome ALL obstacles!

We are taught to be rational, and to put away childish excitement of the mysteries of life…

“Hey, space-case. They say with sarcasm, and then call you a dreamer…


“Wake up and join the real world!” in the most remonstrative tone they can muster once you hit a certain age. I say GO Ahead and Dream~!

Just look at the pioneering dreamer


 The young or old entrepreneur lives for the thrill of taking charge of his or her life and using his or her wits, knowledge, and pure moxie to take hold of an unknown.


They make a product and/or service that meets a specific need in a totally different way than the world has ever known, at least
even to a small degree.

I am an entrepreneur of the mystery that is romance, and the knowledge of God itself. If you are still reading this, then chances are you are too!

I want to reach people like you the world over to dwell deeply on the
wonders and benefits of boldly leaving no stone un-turned on this quest for the Holy!

The Bible reveals the whole mystery that is the revelation of God’s relationship with us. That’s worth something!

Praise God not for what he has done (although it’s awesome)

Praise Him for who He is. All that He has done for us flows from that

Yeah, well Science can explain everything we are told

We are on the verge of a Brave New World. We begin to become too pragmatic about life.

I mean, we only care about what works to get us through the day, one step closer
to our goals, and we throw up our arms about digging deeper into life.

We neglect to drink deep of the well of passion for those things we cannot tangibly test, handle, and and use like a machine. There are transcendent things that are higher and greater than we are. God is the un-caused cause of life, the universe, and that need you have deep down for Him. He is the Alpha and the Omega. He can handle your hurts and pains better than anyone.

Exploration leads to complete understanding and mastery of
the mysteries of life. Or so it seems.

To Hell with the rational prison over relationships 
that grow with the excitement of mystery of love.

Throw off that straight-jacket!

Don’t feel trapped in your marriage. To give up is rational. To stay and fight for a future together is commitment mixed well with God’s romantic passion for you, and for your marriage!

Be passionate about God, about life, and about your mate that God gave you!