Passion for each other found in shared passions for beloved hobbies

Passions from histories past can rekindle passion in marriage.

This is what a local Orlando Florida Pastor shared with me, along with a few other sharing men and women in response to my question “Which Passionate Marriage Activities do you share with your mate?”

“I know that my wife and I are both history buffs. Big time. Anything from the last couple centuries and beyond even. That stuff fascinates us and we love to talk about, watch movies about, and visit historical museums.

When money and sitters are available we like to go alone to someplace historical landmark site that is conveniently around the beach and stay at a hotel. St. Augustine Florida is perfect for that since it is so close and it definitely has a rich historical background, setting and historical feel.

For something a bit closer to home my wife and I love to go visit the Tiffany Morse Museum… It has history ingrained right in it. Things that show something about history is more interesting to us.

As far as physical activities go, we used to run together before we had the kids. When we 1st got married and had no children, we did a lot more¬† things that were intentional for the purpose of being together… And for the fun of stimulating both our mind and body.

Now a days we try to shut things down so my wife can read historical fiction and I can read non-fiction.  Leadership ministry, biblical application type stuff is more my bag.

So the type of reading material is not a common interest that we share… but we do enjoy reading together.

When it comes to my favorite time period to study–I definitely try to grab up all I can learn about old WWII history. “


Gregg from Orlando Florida shared passion with his wife:

“My wife and I love to go to all kinds of scenic spots in town and we also love to travel to other cities. We have the most fun going to places like botanical gardens, the beach, and parks where we can walk together.

When ever possible we, we try to make those scenic spots where we can walk include out dog. Walking and talking and taking in the scenery, especially at St. Augustine is our shared passionate hobby.”

Anonymous from Orlando Florida:

“I love simply love my wife. She’s the best… she’s my best friend in the whole world. We love to cook together, although I’m the better cook (wink)! We love to read and talk about philosophy and art, and culture. They seem to all go together well! This becomes hours of time talking and enjoying each others company.”

Anonymous from Orlando Florida:

“We play cards together… cards are our passion. Well, playing magic tricks with cards is my husband’s big time passion, but when we are together we play cards and watch movies.”

Joe from Orlando Florida:

“We love to travel… especially to Peru where my wife is from. In fact we are getting ready to go to a big mission trip with the whole family–me, my wife, our 2 year old son and the bun that’s in her oven.”

Kathy from Concord North Carolina:

“Every morning, my husband and I spend an hour together reading our Bible, reading devotions together and singing a little bit of worship to our savior, Jesus! On Sundays we stretch this out for several hours. That all is our shared passion together!”