Paul persona

Target marketing info for my Paul persona.


Who qualifies? Well-to-do and upper middle class hardworking entrepreneur/professional husbands who love Jesus, their wife and family, but have one fatal flaw. They are work-a-holics and they are struggling a bit with the recession.


This means that they have to work that much harder… and play that much harder too.


They are fun, friendly, and popular, but they are misunderstood as the “nice-guy.” Really, he is rugged, an independent thinker, yet still conservative and traditional in philosophy, and he is into living life as an adventure and protecting the constitution and his family (2nd Amendment).


The persona really is a perfectionist and wants to please their wife and make her happy, but the persona does not know how to consistently pull it off and consistently make her attracted to him. 


What makes them qualify? They are not just after quick fixes, but will do training for transformational success as well as having a desire to be a good husband. They desire real character based transformation. Real respect and devotion that leads to intimacy is their desired outcome. Their pain is the loss of intimacy and they absolutely cannot go one more night being turned down by their wife.


What age group are they in? 35-50


They earn between 75K to 500K per year.


What’s their job title: Small Business Owner, Real Estate Broker, Account Executive, Sales Rep, Construction Manager, Home Construction Company Owner, Attorney, Exploration Geologist,  Local Pastor.


Where do they live. The Outer Banks (North Carolina),Savannah Georgia, Boca Raton Florida, Baja California, Atlanta Georgia. They own their own home and live where they can have sales and still enjoy sports and fun.


The Lonely Hearts Club Exercise: A personal ad that calls out to your perfect customer


Christian marriage strengthening writer with a focus on building Godly character in husbands for intimacy driven marriage success seeks a loving Christian husband, 30-50 who works hard, but plays harder who loves his wife and family… but desperately struggles with the difficulties of “being all there” to give the best of himself to the woman he loves when his work life balance is so exhaustingly frustrating. Please no un-devoted men unwilling to put effort into winning the hearts of their wives.


Lead Generation Ad “One purpose and one purpose only. To get your perfect targeted customer to stand up and say, “Here I am. That’s me.”


Attention! Important free offer and a warning for the hardworking Christian husband who loves Jesus, sports and fun, his wife and family… but struggles desperately with the “work/life” balance of providing and when home “being all there” to give the best of himself to the woman he loves.


Are you frustrated and concerned with the spiraling loss of respect and connection with your wife who craves more of your time? Are you bottom-line savvy and a goal setter, but also sincerely concerned with the thought of hearing from your wife, “I love you, but I’m not in love with you anymore”!


Warning! That is the kiss of death that comes just before, “I’m leaving you.” If you fail to take serious action to build trust and intimacy today you may regret losing your wife for not having done so.


I have important information that can help you immediately transform your ability to create connection and influence your wife. After-all, she is your most prized asset in your personal life. This is important in having a secure and fulfilling marriage for years to come. your actions at the end of the day is the solution to all your relationship struggles in your marriage.


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USP: So, with each opportunity that presents itself, Captivate your wife and never be turned down another night again without a good reason, Guaranteed!