Prayer request for a “Youth With A Mission” Family

Youth With A Mission In Every City

God is calling you to a city to be His “voice of the gospel” even if it is your own city!

Youth With a Mission isn’t just for High School Graduates Looking for more Godly Experiences than any College can offer . . . Large and Small Families dedicate their lives to it too!

The prayer request for a family is for “your’s truly.”

Years ago, before my wife and I were married God called both of us individually to become missionaries to Africa “in His timing.”

The time to begin that journey as a loving Christian couple is now! My wife and I are committing our family to God’s work of sharing the gospel through missions. We are becoming a part of the YWAM (Youth With A Mission) family, and are actively pursuing our missionary calling to Africa.

We are seeking God’s Total Success Now–even if it takes some time to fulfill!

I recently shared on the KMA facebook fanpage this quote from a missionary I once met:


The pressures most marriages face can be multiplied 10 times out there on the mission field!”


My happy family wasn't always so happy. Faith in God and reshaping my life with these simple principles forged a "marriage and family" that is built to last. It is now a lasting joy and pleasure.

We are gettin ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

I don’t think he was exaggerating so I simply want to request your prayers for us as we embark on this calling from God “as a family.”

We haven’t got all the details figured out yet.

  1. Which Discipleship Training Course location to attend for our family?
  2. Which secondary school to attend . . . if we need to attend one at all that is?
  3. Which county in Africa to serve as “Youth With a Mission” (YWAM) missionaries?
  4. How are we going to go about raising our large family while doing God’s work?


Youth With a Mission Family Blog Announcement

You can find out many answers to these questions and follow us as we prepare and go out on a mission of our lifetime at our new blog just for this new life here! Life here in this work is messy and Jesus calls us to get our hands dirty proclaiming the gospel of Jesus. As the weeks build up to our new life with Youth with a Mission the stories will grow and grow on that blog.


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