Romantic ideas for her: The Beacon calling her back into your arms

Got Romance?

I am a firm believer that romance (the way a wife thinks of it, coupled with the way a husband thinks of it) is the beacon that beckons you and your wife to come closer, and share each other together.

More than just romantic ideas for her

Sure. There are many romantic ideas I could share. However, I will share what I do when I want to get inspired so I can better romance my wife on a date… or just at the right moment. Then I will share some great romance ideas to try once you are fully inspired.

I turn to the Civil War for romance help

This is not as weird as it sounds. My dad is a huge Civil War buff. He loves it, and can literally talk about the different generals, politics, and specific military battles till the cows literally come home. Growing up I would listen to him share the best stories about the Civil War. It was great!

So, I get my inspiration for romancing my wife not as a list of “things to do.” However, if you just can’t wait — you can discover ideas for romantic things to do to win her heart all over again when you click here for intimacy ideas

But, for inspiration I read letters from Civil War soldiers to their loving and very worried wives. The emotionally charged words of love just show a reckless abandon for each other. During the Civil War they just weren’t all that into playing it cool. These love letters have no games or cheesy dialogue either.

You can feel how much they really love and cherish their wives. And you can really sense the excitement they both have that is mixed with fear and dread. This is the dread of the possibility of never seeing each other again… except only if they can meet again in Heaven. Actually, any major war time history site that has examples of letters of this type are great… I’m just partial to the Civil War letters.

A romance “win – win”

Reading old love letters from Civil War soldiers to their beloved wives can be good for inspiring romance for both husbands and wives respectively. A guy can imagine what it would be like to be a soldier– then or now — on the front lines desperately wanting to be with his woman just one more time. A wife can simply have here heart pound with each and every word of sincere love from a man who longingly loves and cherishes his own wife.

I know I had those feelings come out when I was in the US Army as the 9-11 attacks happened. Everything changed in our lives as my soon to be wife and I had our long-distance love affair. Give it a try today. Simply Google Civil War love letters, or click this link for a catalog of those candid and emotionally stirring love notes. Click the link to read em all: Special Collections

The love that they shared and expressed back and forth to each other in these love letters was the beacon of hope that guided many of these soldiers home… to the loving arms of their “beloved.”

Now that you are fully inspired

  • Write your wife a short love letter
  • Tell her how much you miss her through out the day
  • Recreate the first time you met with music, places and dress the way you did back then
  • Take her out to a fine restaurant especially if it has a violinist, and have flowers/candles prepped for the table ahead of time
  • Meaningful touch (the way that she likes it) is a must!
  • Tell her she is worth so much to you, and so much more
  • Remember a day of the year that is important only to her and…
  • Do something to make her feel special that is related to that special day (I am going to write a blog post just about this soon)

I would love to hear what you think in the comments section, be it cheers or jeers. We can all have a lot to share. It makes the world a better place!



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