Stop a Divorce 4 Real World Steps

Stop a Divorce 4 Real World Steps

Many people I talk to on marriage forums ask for help because they want to make their husband or wife love and trust him or her again.  Many of these hurting people are frustrated and scared of being alone.

  • “Should I be strong and pop their bubble”?
  • “I want to relive happier times…”
  • ” I want to stop this divorce from ripping apart my family!”

It is not too late to stop divorce from ripping apart your family. A divorce can be prevented.  A marriage can be rebuilt to become the marriage of your dreams!

Discover how to win… even on your own, even if your spouse has already filed for divorce or moved out of your home!

My advice is to follow these steps one-by-one in order to restore what has been busted.

4 Steps that Can Stop a Divorce &… Rebuild Your Broken Marriage!

Step 1: Choke Slam the Problem!

A Divorce stems from specific problems. If you can, dig deep emotionally with your spouse to figure out what is broken in your relationship, then you can fix it. I am friends with “WCW” & “NWA” – Nitro Wrestling Alliance wrestler Kid Romeo, and I use wrestling moves as way of visualize how you can defeat a divorce, here’s how:

  • With sole determination wrap your hands around each problem
  • Work together to fix that problem until you have choked to death the impact that problem has on your marriage
  • Finally, slam that problem down to the ground – down for the count!

Make sure you do not choke slam a symptom instead of the root problem.

Step 2: Improve Yourself Only

These are some suggestions of working on your own character that will prove to your spouse that you are serious about fixing the problems and that you simply care about him or her and,… that you don’t just want to fix him or her!  This will influence him or her to reconsider his or her behavior to you!

  • Focus on Your Spouse’s Grievances Only!
  • Focus on Your Spouse’s Needs Only!
  • Focus on understanding your spouse as a person
  • Focus on understanding those hurts, losses, and life shaping moments of his or her life
  • Focus on Growing In and Reaching Beyond Your Limitations!
  • Give each other space to think
  • Seek Counseling
  • Strengthen your “Honor And Respect” of your Spouse
  • Rekindle Passion And Romance

Step 3: Remember the Good Times

Next, think back to the good times when both of you started out. Remind each other of those things that made the magic sparkle back then. No matter how hurt both of you are, good times were shared between the two of you. Tell each other how special your love was and still can be.

Step 4: Start Over

Start over with a  fresh new life together! Treat each new morning as if I am waking up to my new bride.  Do this everyday after you stop your divorce.  Doing this will ensure that you are thinking about your spouse more than yourself.  This will prevent more problems from weakening your marriage again.


The combination of the 4 powerful steps to follow to stop divorce will give you a good fighting chance to save your marriage.

  • “Seek and destroy” problems
  • Work on yourself, while considering your spouse only
  • Remember the good times, and…
  • Look at your marriage as a brand new marriage, while you forget the bad times

Most importantly, you will successfully stop your divorce if you accept the person for whom you are married. The person you first married has changed over time. But, understanding those things that have shaped the person you now accept is the key to future success. Only then, both of you can work together to build a new, better, and stronger marriage.

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