That relationship quality that earns their trust

This is a reprinting of the KMA Rescue Relationship Newsletter: A Chuck Norris Roundhouse kick that earns trust!

Hi friend,

What I did not tell you in yesterday’s message is…
of course the Chuck Norris marriage saving 1, 2 – kick
is finished up with a roundhouse kick.

This roundhouse kick is lightning fast, and works to win your
spouse’s heart.

Why do women fall out of love? Why do they cheat?

Why do men fall out of love. Why do they cheat?

I’ll answer those questions next time ;)

Many of the marriage stories on the “Long-term success in
marriage” focused topic on the forum,
went through times of serious trouble. A lot of those marriages
nearly ended in divorce… until one or both partners followed
a strategic plan all the way through (180 plan, plan A, plan
B, etc…).

After kicking into action and showing incredible confidence,
they prove to their spouses that they can fulfill those needs
better than anyone else… and radical trust is created.

Chances are… proven trustworthiness with benefits will be
the major factor in winning the heart of a loved one back.

So how does Chuck Norris’ amazing roundhouse kick factor in
to all this?

He is known for incredible agility, speed, and power with his
roundhouse kick. See for yourself!

Anyways, it is impressive to say the least. Impress your
spouse the same way. This is what Gena, his wife said about
Chuck that impressed her deeply in an interview I am lifting

“Gena about meeting Chuck: “I didn’t know what Walker was.
But after we had a chance to talk and get to know each other,
there was something in his eyes, something in his eyes that
really attracted me to him. It was almost like I could see
into his soul. I could just tell that he was a tender, kind
person, somebody that I’d like to get to know a little bit
better, a man of integrity.”

Now that is impressive!

He got a beautiful model to trust that he was not an
“egotistical macho maniac” enough to marry him a year after
meeting him. Did I mention she is a model who is 28 years
younger than Chuck.

Mind you also, he got her to trust him quickly even though
if he turned out to be a total jerk he could seriously abuse
her. If Chuck turned out to be a jerk, and if she pissed him
off she’d be in trouble. She’d be in trouble cuz his entire
body is a registered lethal weapon.

My point is this; do what ever you have to do to prove to your
separated spouse that you got what it takes, and can prove it.

Be it kindness, patience, being non-judgemental, putting their
needs before your own, romance, making them feel like a real
man or real woman. You know what I mean… that’s the kinda
stuff to prove with deep impact on them.

Effective as a roundhouse kick to their soul.

I’m not done yet, not by a long-shot. OK. I’ll stop watching
action flix and get back to serious business.

But first, another Chuck Norris joke.

If you ask Chuck Norris what time it is, he always says,
“Two seconds till.” After you ask, “Two seconds to what?”
he roundhouse kicks you in the face.


James Hess.

P.S. Tomorrow I’ll talk a little bit about “what if they
can’t see common sense” and why men and women cheat.

On a lighter note. Enjoy the “5 Rules in every Chuck Norris
Movie” video. Think of it as homework.