The #1 Secret for Front Door Lovin` Video Script

The #1 Secret for Front Door Lovin` Video Script


Your Godly wife needs intimacy as much as you do.




Her sexual desire is sleeping hidden within her emotions. She is just waiting for you to tap those


hidden yearnings by making her feel loved, cherished, and desired by you from the get go!


Chances are that you are way too busy to spend hours trying to figure out how to make her be


in the mood for intimacy with you… especially, when you are dog tired after each hard day of




This problem does not go away.


The pressure of this kind of tension grows and grows and will explode like a boiler low on water


and high on pressure.




Hi. My name is James Hess and I want to help you take back your marriage and intimate life you


share with you wife. You are one of the best of the best Christian husband’s around.


Because you deserve it, I will reveal the #1 Secret that will make your wife rush to the door to


greet you and drop any reluctance to open up to you as the woman you married. I will do this so


you can have consistent intimacy, AND never be turned down again without a real good reason.


But first, go back in time with me!


Way back In the long, long ago 1st century… back when the ink was still wet on 1st Corinthians


7: 1-9, Paul by inspiration of the Holy Spirit made it clear that except in mutually accepted times


of fasting and prayer, you the Christina husband should expect to celebrate intimacy between


you and your wife…


And, it says that any Christian husband or wife should not withhold intimacy from each other.


In marriage, sexual needs need to be met by the other spouse to keep frustration from ruining


your relationship, and worse ending your marriage.


God does not want the married man or woman to burn with passion as Paul confessed.


That was my serious problem a few years back, and I knew that I had to fix it for good, or else I


would be getting into serious trouble. When a wife starts to feel unloved and taken for granted it


is a serious problem. Ever have your wife scrutinize your internet browsing history? Nuff said!


So the first thing I did was realize the make it or break it moment for intimacy in my marriage.


For us hardworking men, that make-it or break-it time is right when we walk through the front


door right after work.


The #1 Secret for Front Door Lovin` is none other than…


Call out to her… And, Win her Heart (The Minute you’re Through the Door)!


As soon as you get home, unlock that door, and creek it open very slowly… slower still


walk through it, and gently call out her name. Don’t just walk on through.


Seek her out by calling out her name. Every woman wants to be pursued by her husband.


She does not first want to come to you when you start this out.


However, she will soon come to rely on your attention and she will close the gap-so to


speak-and start to wait for you to come home so she can be actively pursued. It will be


like how a bee craves nectar and will bring itself to the scent of the nectar that is in effect


calling out to it. Dripping honey is the result.


She will be waiting for you to come home, and she will be interested in intimate


connection with you, because you have prepared a conditioned response in her


subconscious mind. This will lead to her seeing you as a man of character, consistency,


and reliability to meeting her emotional needs.


Be slow and deliberate. Slow and steady advancement is attractive to a woman. It builds


anticipation and excitement in her. She wants the man with a slow hand… and everything




But, this is just the beginning. The front door aint exactly the bedroom.


Recently, I did a 47 minute interview with Dave Tropeano of,


where I explained the 7 Secrets of Front Door Lovin` and introduced the Full Video Course


of the same name. I have made it for the serious Christian husband for the sake of building


stronger Christian marriages that are built on the solid rock of Jesus and His mandate to live in


understanding with her—giving honor to her… so your prayers won’t be hindered from 1 Peter




This isn’t a magic pill. But if you seriously put some back bone and sheer determination into it


you will see the fruit of your efforts in the way she shows you her affection, devotion, and front


door lovin`


Starting with following in a Christ-like-manner, each of the 7 Action Step Secrets from the


“Front Door Lovin’ CD” in addition to the 7 weekly video course packages (should you make


the small investment)—the appreciation you will receive from your loving Godly wife will be




So, you can grab your copy of the interview “7 Secrets for Front Door Lovin`” on CD only for


the small cost of shipping and handling right now for the next 2 weeks by including your name,


and address in the sign up box below.


After you receive in the mail your CD, listen to it on the drive home each day after work.


I mean, this is when you will need to know and put into practice each of the 7 Secrets anyway, so


there is nothing stopping you from listening to it. All it takes is just a little bit of action on your


part to win the heart of your wife at the front door. Go from having the door to her heart go from


looking as bad as this:


“UGLY Front door pic.”


To this:


“Beautiful front door pic with the light on.”


“But, 47 minutes! Isn’t that a bit long for my commute home?”


Not really.


For 7 or more work days listen to just one of the secrets and then put it to use and then make


your next effort even better after hearing the next secret in the sequence—You just can’t go


wrong when you take baby steps. Right?


So, for just a few dollars for shipping and handling you can get your free copy of the 7 Secrets


for Front Door Lovin` interview CD and make a world of difference in both your marriage and


time of intimacy with your wife.


You’ll be glad you did!