The Bad: Terry McAuliffe, the politician who “shmoozes” while his wife gives birth


Does work trump your wife’s needs when she absolutely needs you the most? How about at the birth of your children? Be glad you aren’t Terry McAuliffe!

Sure, relationship conflict between a husband and wife can come in many assorted flavors. One’s pride can be damaged. Your mate’s insensitivity can make you feel unappreciated. Your feelings may not even be considered by your mate from time to time. But does this lead to husbands leaving to go to work when their wives are delivering their child?

I remember a time when I went with my then brother in law, Sam (he and my sister are now divorced), to his welder’s union initiation ceremony, which is totally required if you want to be part of that field of work, and my sister went into labor with their 2nd child. We told the union boss what was up and high tailed it back to town so he could be there for the birth of his 1st son. I will never forget that.

Some men would never cheat emotionally on their wives unless “the other woman” could give him a paycheck

Men get a lot of their sense of worth from the work that they do. Ask a man about himself and 9 times out of 10 he will tell you what he does for a living before he tell you anything else about himself. It is just the way we are wired to think. That is OK. But, husbands need to see that their first job is to be available for their wives emotionally–especially when she goes into birth!

Misguided workaholic: Democratic candidate for governor of  Virginia, Terry McAuliffe. The Washington Post had a recent article on their column, “She the People” Politics and Culture with Belinda Henneberger on the exploits of former chair of the Democratic Party. It goes on to list how on several occasions Terry left his wife and family while she was giving birth, or left them waiting in the car while he would run in to do a quick meet and greet for donations and the like.

You can read the whole story through the link provided below, but here is blurb to give you a taste of some of the bad husband behavior that any husband should avoid:

“Apparently, for the birth of his son Peter, he was in the delivery room. It was the trip home that’s shocking. He, Dorothy, baby Peter, and an aide stopped at a fundraising party for the Democratic Party. McAuliffe left his wife and newborn son in the car with the aide while he schmoozed for 15 minutes at the party.

Dorothy “was in tears,” he admits in the audio version of the book, and the aide was “mortified” but that didn’t stop McAuliffe from being a husband behaving badly. “I felt bad for Dorothy,” he says. “But it was a million bucks for the Democratic Party….Nobody ever said life with me was easy.”

No kidding.” (Terry McAuliffe partied)

A million bucks simply wont make up for you not being “there” when your wife needs you “there” the most. You couldn’t pay your wife enough to forget who and what is really most important in your marriage.



Reese, Diana, (5/2/2013). Terry McAuliffe partied (and argued about health care) while his wife gave birth. Retrieved from

Please share your thoughts, because this topic is sure to elicit strong feelings from both camps. These kind of opinions just can’t stay locked up.

P.S. This is the 2nd of three curation articles. This was “The Bad” husband. You can read more about Terry McAuliffe’s insensitive antics here. Next will be “The Slightly Weird husband.” Stay tuned for the last part due to arrive in a day or two. See you there. Click here to read about the “Good Husband.”




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