the single Best Secret to KNOWING when your wife is ready to be kissed and engage Intimately with you

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“I am going to Show to you the single Best Secret to KNOWING when your wife is ready to be kissed and engage Intimately with you.”


All while transforming your marriage into the most exciting marriage on the block that will help you feel divorce proof.


Lets be real for a moment . . . About Marriage Intimacy.


Let’s get deeper than the. . .  ”Oh. It’s good!” ~ level and go into what it really means to you as a man, and your wife.

Before I was married when my wife and I were involved in the US Army stationed at FT. Carson Co., while she was going to school to become a Registered Nurse. I had a year left in my Army Enlistment, and we stayed in touch with each other through letters, and daily spending hours talking together on the phone . . . my first $850 cell phone bill was more than we generated together . . . we were laying the foundation for our marriage. I am continually learning all the wonders of making a marriage great, but it takes serious work and consideration.


If you are anything like me, making my marriage feel like it supplies me and her with happiness and joy, while pleasing God makes me exceptionally decisive about making it so.  


At that time of bachalorhood, I was curious about how marriage would be like so I did what any curious young man of faith would do . . . I had a one-on-one talk with my pastor, Pastor Larry, and when the subject came to sex . . . I knew that great husbands invest in their marriages, and I wanted a head-start.


If you are not insatiably deeply curious about the inside story of successful marriages, maybe you should take some time to strengthen your resolve as the leader of your home.


Well, all my pastor said was, “OH. . .  It’s Good!”


Thanks Pastor Larry? That was soooo helpful. I think we all know this already! 


So, what I am gonna do for you is peel layers of the onion, and get to the core of your need for physical intimacy with your wife. Who knows, you might discover a side to yourself you didn’t know existed. 


So, Let’s roll!


You know that your marriage with your wife “Ought” to be close and intimate — That’s the way it should be.

  • Step 1: So, the way you can best know when she is ready for intimacy is to simply make eye contact, and then charm it up a bit with a fun little smirk directed right at her. This smirk speaks volumes about your desire for getting involved in intimacy foreplay. 


You are setting the stage. 


You are telling her with subtlety that you are interested in her. 

  •  Step 2: If she smiles back, and takes your queue she will close the gap between you and she. She is in the right frame of mind to begin intimacy with you. 

Then you have a nice “A-Hah” moment


It means that she has a positive view-point of you in her mind. Her feelings are wound tightly around your advances, and not raging in hormonal grouchiness for whatever you may have not done for her lately.


If she looks away, or does not return the gesture, then you can simply ask her.


“How are you doing… how are you feeling right now? I want to know so I can be here for you.”


When the time is right repeat step 1.


I know… I know… Is it that simple?


Your part is simple. But, she will most likely remain a mystery to you in some ways for the rest of your natural lives. There may be something that is getting in the way of her 


The Bible as a whole is a bit mysterious too! You will spend your life studying, memorizing, and truly learning as much as you can about it. Why not do the same concerning your wife?


Businesses strive to go from “Good to Great.” But, why not do the same concerning your marriage?


When the two of you commit to being for each other you realize that you are “One Flesh”, as Jesus said in Matthew 19:4-6. Everything Feels Right — Almost Like Heaven.


You were designed to be “One Flesh” and come together now that you are man and wife… your house just aint a home unless you are united in spirit with Jesus, and flesh with each other.


You feel instant Respect in “One Flesh” Intimacy.


Here’s why.


No one needs to prove the fact that you as a man are wired for sex as both a strong drive in your life and physical need, but below the surface deeper feelings run through you that God installed as part of your man hood.


It is critical to your sense of manhood to feel “up to the task” and respected. Every day you need to know that your wife respects you both privately and publicly. You rise to every occasion when you know that your wife trusts, admires and believes in you. It makes you feel like a man. It is a Biblical mandate: Ephesians 5:33!


The CD interview and full course for “The 7 Secrets for Front Door Lovin`” is a revolutonay way to build up your Godly leadership as the head of your home when your leadership is needed most. Your Godly leadership and tender-loving care for her in-turn produce some wonderful effects in the way she thinks about you and cares for you:

  • You will have her kneeling in her prayer closet to appeal to God to help you as the Leader of the Home
  • She will come to anticipate wonderful things from you, and will give support to, and confidence in you as often as she can
  • She will let you know that she respects you–text, written letter, or as a whisper in your ear. You need this. You will hear her affirming words!  
  • She will be more open to sexual advances by you and 

All this leads to greater openness to intimacy with you. And, you can’t ever possibly have too much respect, devotion, and intimacy with your wife–there is no plumbing the depths of love that God provides within a Godly marriage.


Not getting the respect you deserve drives your anger. And, lack of intimacy has you scratching at the walls in total frustration. It leads you to think in terms of, “How much longer can this marriage go on this way before it all comes crashing down?”


In my case, that is what my wife Sarah told me due to the fact that I was too busy to connect with her and the kids, just two years ago. But, I was certainly thinking the same thing myself!


I outwitted the “Divorce bullet”, but some of my friends have not. 


Once a few years back my friend and I were talking about psychotic things crazy people do (my wife was a psyche-med nurse at the time so that was kinda normal for us). In response to my question on why people commit horrible crimes against complete strangers he took a deep breath and said something I’ll never forget (speaking about his terrible divorce and custody battle),


“Well James… you’ve never had your entire life come crashing down around you.”


He’s right. I outwitted that bullet as I said before!


If you want to be able to stand in my shoes being able to say, “No. I have never had my life come crashing down around me, then take action that matters most to you, and your bride. Never stop growing in character, be like Christ for your family (Ephesians 5:25), and for your Lord (Romans 8:29). Good stuff!


And, I wont EVER let what happened to my devastated friend happen to me! You have the word of God and the fruit of the Holy Spirit at work in you. You can be the man God is helping you to be and you can be the husband you wife is counting on you to be. 


But don’t let that give you a false sense of security about your marriage. Don’t think that you world would never come crashing down around you. Instead, seek out ways to make your marriage better every day, and make the choices to grow in ways that ensure you will have a divorce proof marriage. 


The interview, “The 7 Secrets to Front Door Lovin`” is a new approach to connecting with your wife at the most critical time of each day; the moment you walk through the front door after work. 

Take that first step into living your life as a daily devotion for God–and then each other by grabbing your Free CD when you fill out the sign up sheet and it will be mailed to you with no cost except for the small price of shipping and handling, and no obligation.


How will having a happier marriage create a stronger life of daily devotion to God and each other? 


Because, your happy marriage can help you better focus on the will of the Father in your life and in your family. God instituted the family as a means of filling the earth with believing worshipers of God. Carry on that mandate with this and any other course that will help you to get there.


Let her know how much you love her-Get started Today!






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